Friday, March 30, 2012

How does your garden grow? Year 2....

Our garden idea last year was creative. I talked about it HERE  and HERE.  It worked- for a bit.  I just don't think there was enough depth to sustain the plants and we also planted a little on the late side and the brutal Texas heat snuck up on us pretty quickly.

This year we weren't going to take any chances!  We enlisted the help of some dear church friends who happen to be amazing gardeners AND had a tiller AND a willing heart to help serve!  They brought over their cute grandkids to help too- the more the merrier!

Piter and N working hard!

J1 turning the soil.

You'll notice my sweet little girl is noticeably absent in many of the "hard working" pics... she was attending a Ladybug Luncheon at church for girls 8-11, so we'll forgive her.

It was determined that the soil was too wet {you just will NOT hear that very often in Texas!} so we let it dry out for a few days before Piter came back over to till a few more times.

Piter instructing J1 on what the purpose of turning the soil is.  This man is a SAINT!

Finally, we got to where we were ready to plant!

Aren't we cute?

We enlisted the help of a few more people {namely, my poor sister with whom we are trying to soak up as much time as we can before she leaves in May, and my niece} and got out our supplies.

We did a mixture of seeds and plants.

While I was making a game plan and trying to figure out what needed to go where I found out that onions are a good pest deterrent when planted next to carrots and lettuce!  I arranged it so that this happened and probably planted more onions than I'll ever use or want but hey, we are really excited about those darn carrots, OK?  And while I was working hard so were the kids....

Soccer!  Not sure how the smallest two ended up being the goalies but hey, they were having fun!
I let everyone pick out what they wanted to plant and we had at. We did cucumbers {plants and seeds}, tomato plants, carrot seeds, lettuce seeds, onion seeds, pumpkin seeds, squash plants, and cantaloupe {plants and seeds}.  I'm really hoping the cucumbers grow well because I'd like to make homemade pickles!

J2 wanted to plant the carrots.  It took all 3 of them apparently. :)

Pretty sure they were over it.  Plus it was hot yesterday.  And it's not even April!
We had 811 come out to search for lines before we dug, because we're good citizens like that- OK and because my friend Heidi said to!- and they left a ton of flags so we used those as markers as to what is where in the garden.  I also made a "map" on paper but in case that gets lost {and for real I don't know if you live in a house where things disappear, but it happens. A LOT.}

Watering everything all in!

We're hoping to not have to endure too many learning curves and that our plants will grow and thrive under our watchful care.  We also hope that we will maintain watchful care! ;) I promise to keep you all apprised- if we grow something edible you WILL hear about it!


Piter and Heidi said...

That was the best time we had all week...well, except maybe for the RS birthday dinner!!! And again, thanks a million for the wonderful brownies!!! it's gonig to be awesome to get your first hint of things growing and then that first harvest!!!

Whooo Hoooo fresh fruits and veggies here we come!

Anonymous said...

I think you have my mom's, and her parents green thumb. I can't grow anything.