Monday, March 26, 2012

Testing this week!

Standardized tests this week for the kiddos.  J1 today and tomorrow and J2 tomorrow and Wednesday.  Saw this cute idea on Pinterest {where else?} and thought I would make it as encouragement.  I think it turned out super adorable!

Plus, it made a 13 year old boy smile at 7 am- I can't think of anything better!

This weekend we started our garden with the help of our good friends from church.  It's still a work in progress but I can't wait to get it going full swing.  More on that later.

Just starting the tilling process.

We also kind of laid low this weekend, ate pizza, watched the ABC show What Would You Do? Such a fun show and one that I feel good about watching with the kids. 

Came across this picture of Louis Bullock online this week on the funniest website ever Suri's Burn Book.  If you haven't been to this website, go now. It will have you rolling on the floor {only if you enjoy snark and celebrities, but really who doesn't?}  Back to Louis though, Sandy B is quoted as having said that he is a ladies man and I don't want to break it to her but I think he is a ladies man, just in the BFF way.  Check him out though- rocking this scarf HARD. 

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Piter and Heidi said...

Gotta love Pinterest!!! You did a great job there!... Hey Jordon, you reap what you sow.... keep up the good work!