Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nocturnal Naughtiness! {don't be scared...}

So lately I seem to be falling asleep as soon as the kids go to bed... which means clothes aren't getting folded, shows aren't being watched {hello, I've tried to watch the finale of Alcatraz like 6 times now!}, basically things just aren't getting done.

But the other night, for whatever reason, I couldn't sleep.  No problem as I was able to catch up on a few shoes and surf Pinterest- I swear I found the end of it. No really!  But with late night web surfing on Pinterest comes late night shopping.  And because it's the middle of the night apparently you lack self control and common sense.

You do find deals though!  And random fun places you never would have found otherwise!

Like this website GO FAVOR Cute cute costume jewelry for CHEAP!  And shipping is free if you spend $15 {and I dare you to spend less than $15}. I found this adorable camera ring

that I previously  pinned on Pinterest- but wasn't the reason I clicked on the link to that site!

Also while on Pinterest I came across a cute outfit that of course linked me to Polyvore- random aside on that, could they please make a Polyvore with only Target, Old Navy, H&M, etc items?  Most of the time the cute outfits I see I could probably only afford the the buttons on the shirt!- and of course I clicked on one of the items which lead me to another site that was awesome!

TILLY'S is kind of a teen site I think but I found a ton of jewelry that I liked and it was almost all buy one get one half off!  Including this amazing bracelet

which admittedly may not be most people's style but living in the South you know we live by the motto, "The bigger the better".  Or is it, "Everything is bigger in Texas"?  Or, "Go big or go home?" Irregardless, they have some cute stuff.

I suppose the moral of this story is to just go to bed and not stay up so late because bad things do happen!!

What are your favorite new sites?


Anna said...

i read a ton of blogs now lol or watch criminal minds on netflix which scares me hahah!!!

Claire Hill said...

I cant find that dang pink camera ring :(