Friday, March 16, 2012

I don't want to gloss over this!

So I stalk read a lot of blogs.

And one of them is by THIS extremely adorable girl, who is fashion savvy, cute, and just all around amazeballs to boot.

Last week she did a post on her item of the week which was her lip items.  More specifically these 3 lip items:

Bobbi Brown lip liner in Rum Raisin

I think it's the one on the right. Jimmy by Lorac, which may be discontinued but can be substitued instead for Alex.

Swatch by Smashbox.
And I thought to myself, "Self, you know you don't wear lip products near enough.  Let's take care of this, k?"

On Saturday I woke up early to meet with Jillian

...the evil troll that she is, and then met up with the parents to have breakfast at Furr's while my metabolism was still at it's peak. And that was why I said it was OK to eat two pieces of pie.  In truth, they're really only slivers.  And I didn't eat much of the crust.  Or the whipped topping.

Anyway, after we went to check out the new Container Store across the street.  And since Ulta was right across from that I went to go check it out- I figured it had to be a sign right?

Well I found out that Ulta does not carry Bobbi Brown, probably should have known, but they did have Lorac and Smashbox selections.  However, they didn't have either of the specific things I was looking for.  And NOT being a makeup expert I decided if I wanted my lips to be pretty like hers I was going to have to copy her. To. The. Letter.

Off I went to the conveniently located mall next door on the promise that the Sephora store would probably have everything I needed.  Probably NOT.  They didn't have ANY of the items I was looking for. Neither did Dillards, Penney's (there's a mini Sephora in there, too), or Macy's.  I finally said forget it.  It's ok, I didn't need to look pretty!

Then I remembered I needed to get something at Walgreens and I figured why not?  I trudged up and down that makeup aisle for a good 20 minutes pouring over the different brands and colors.  I looked at a few liners that were super similar and only different in price. And I finally decided on these 3 babies:

Jordana Easyliner in Rock 'N Rose, Sally Hansen Moisture Twist 2-in-1 Primer and Color in Fuschia Fusion, and Jordana Lip Out Loud in TTYL.  The liner is much darker than it looks in the pic, btw.

It's a lip liner and two glosses.  My how I've forgotten how good a lip gloss can make a girl feel.  Here's what they look like:

Yeah sorry for the fuzzy pic but you can see the color well.

Not quite as cute as Aly's but totally works with my skin coloring and I love it! Oh and hello, I forgot how good lip gloss smells.  Doesn't it make you want to lick it?

All for $10.  Yep, $10.  Did I mention that I almost had a heart attack at Ulta when I saw that they wanted $18 for the lip liner?  I know, looking beautiful costs money.  So maybe that's why I just don't bother.  Alas, Walgreen's gave me a temporary solution and I think it looks good.

Sooooo, what is your favorite lip product?

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