Wednesday, October 19, 2011

First school dance!

J1’s first school dance. 

Oh boy do I remember my first school dance.  Actually, that makes it seem like I remember a lot about it.  All I remember is that I wore this one dress that I had to have because my best friend Adriane had it (sorry about that!) and it was pretty dang tight.  I don’t know that we actually even danced so much as hung out in a darkened gym and talked to our friends and gossiped about boys. Sound familiar?  Oh how things have changed…. And not. 
My son went to his first dance the other day and while I was excited for him to be having these experiences I’m also saddened at how quickly they’ve come upon us.  He was adorable {he was told more than once he looked like Justin Bieber much to his chagrin!}.  From the scoop I got it seems that the junior high kids of today do much of the same milling around talking to friends, except this dance had the added element of fun of being able to purchased water balloons and having a water balloon fight {outside of course)}  Hey, anything to raise money right?  Anyway, here’s a picture of us before he left.  And yes, he’s officially at least an inch- or two- taller than me.
Check out those Halloween decorations!

Did I mention he'll be a teenager next month?  *sigh*

So tell me, what do you remember about your first dance?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm PIN-ning out of control! (Part two)

(This is the second in a two part series about the all encompassing website that is Pinterest!)

Ok, I think we all have to admit we're a little addicted.  Hi, I'm Jennifer (insert your name) and I love Pinterest!  There, feels better right?  I can't help but to visit this site every chance I get.  And when I see a great idea, recipe, or outfit I can't help but to click PIN.  This has lead to a few very full folders of ideas.  But what does one do with all those ideas?  I had a great idea.... are you ready for it?  A Pinterest Party!  Wouldn't that be a great way to bring your friends together and you all can make and create all these thigns you see and want to do but probably wouldn't make the time for otherwise? 

Before I could plan said party I happened to have a day off so my sister and I went ahead had our own party.  I decided to tackle to recipes first.  I mean they all look so delicious and who doesn't want to pig out all day right?  RIGHT?  So we headed to the store with our two pages of ingredients.  Don't judge- we planmned on making a lot of food!  I had printed off about 10 recipes and figured we'd have a make-a-thon, it's like a bake-a-thon but with some savory dishes in there as well!

Apparently we didn't plan it all that well because once we dove in to making everything we realized some of the things needed to be cooked first (like chicken), some of the dough needed to chill for an hour, and something even needed to be made the day before. Rude!  Didn't they know we wanted it and wanted it right then?  JEESH!

Anyway, we finally made them all and I'm happy to give you the scoop on them.  These you've probably seen because I know I've seen them pinned and repinned.  Some were amazing and I'll be trying again for sure and others were ok and probably not really worth the time and effort.

First up the savory (yes, you have to eat your dinner before you have dessert).  We made:

-Chicken bundles.  Pretty good.  But I guess you can't go wrong with anything wrapped in a crescent roll.

-Doritos casserole. This was delicious.  Even my parents liked it and they don't like anything that's different!

-Meatball hashbrown casserole.  This I was not a fan of.  It was OK but my sister took it home and paired it with salsa and said it was perfect as a breakfast food. 

-Stove top chicken wraps.  These were not from Pinterest but I made them the same day and wanted to share.  They're so delicious!  My friend in NY made them for me and I couldn't believe how much I liked them. It's chicken stuffed with Stove Top covered in french dressing.  Super simple, quick, and full of flavor.  YUMMO.

Next up dessert.

-Pumpkin crunch cake.  This was an absolute winner across teh board.  So gooey, and yummy, and mmmmmmm!

-Banana cream pie.  Also a winner.  Homemade whipped cream- who knew?  I will never buy Cool Whip again!

-Peanut butter, chocolate chip, pretzel cookies.  These were really good.  But they had a lot going on. I didn't mind it but I only liked one a day- more than that and it wasn't so good.

-Cake batter rice krispie treats.  These were the biggest disappointment of the batch.  I increased the cake batter slightly to get a more cake batter-y taste and it still wasn't very flavorful.  And the kids didn't much care for them either.  I did use a cheap cake batter mix so maybe that made the flavor difference?

-Salted caramel bars.  I probably shouldn't include these because mine were an epic fail.  I got a phone call while making these and ended up slightly distracted.  And that meant I put 1 stick of butter instead of 1 pound of butter.  And that equaled a crust and crumble topping that was basically four cups of flour.  I had to just throw it out.  And by that time I'd already used the caramels so I couldn't try to remake it.  *sigh* I will try this again soon.

Recently I've also made homemade donuts and cheeseburger bake as seen on Pinterest.  They were both a huge hit!  I hope to continue to try new recipes and maybe add a few things to the list of things that my insanely picky children will eat!  :)

So what has Pinterest inspired you to make?

Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm PIN-ning out of control! (Part one)

(This is the first of two posts on the subject of the all encompassing website that is Pinterest.)


I don’t even know where to start. 

My mom first introduced me to this site a while back.  I didn’t understand what it was or what it meant so I never signed on.  Then my friend Katy mentioned something to me about something that I knew I had to check out so I went back to the invite my mom sent and signed up.  It’s been downhill since then J 

I could never have imagined how crafty I wanted to be.  Or how much I actually wanted to cook and bake.  I don’t think my favorite thing to make will ever stop being reservations but I can tell you the other day I made something I saw on P and the response I got was so positive I wanted to cook more and more!  And don’t get me started on all the home d├ęcor crafts.  Hello, who knew you could make 417 different things with a door or window frame?!  And where on Earth do you find said door or window frame?  And I would have never ever said I was a fashionista but I tell you some of the premade outfits on there make me chanel my inner diva and make me want to pay attention to what I wear every day!  Even the funny sayings have me cracking up and wondering who I can send them to. 

I’ve had the kids peek over my shoulder a few times and even want me to look at this or that or repin this or that.  I do still love Facebook but I just can’t spend as much time there anymore as I can getting lost on P.  Can I just tell you one night (or morning as it may have been, oops) I was on there and there were literally no new pins.  I was crushed and had no choice but to go to bed!  How can that be?  Maybe I don’t quite have it all figured out just yet but I will make it my mission to do so! 

So…. Do you pin?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Why, hello again!

Ok ok so I apologize because I took the summer off and then that became kind of a semi-permanent thing!  I didn’t mean to I promise.  Blogging was and is a great way for me to get out what I have on my mind so I promise to be better at it.  And since FB is such a dud these days I better get it all out on here, right?  Since this is my first post back there’s so much to say!  Where to start?

These past few months we have done lots of fun stuff.  Went to Six Flags...

She won this ball!
... week long Boy Scout camp (that was nothing short of a disaster- over a third of the kids got sent home early because they all shared a bug including J1, there was a fire close to their camp grounds so one night was spent huddled in the mess hall for safety, and I'm pretty sure he didn't get half the badges he was supposed to because of all of that).

Our group before- half of them got sent home sick!

...Target, Hawaiian Falls, Target, slept in, and guess what?  Went to Target J  I also was able to sneak in a trip to California and saw my first surrobabe (the shy guy on the right- how precious is he!?)...

 ... and went to Vegas for the first time. 

My poolside view- it was as fabulous as it looks.
Then the kids went back to school and Jensen and I took the biggest trip of them all- we went to Paris!  That deserves its own post so be on the lookout for that but here's a few amazing pics.
Inside the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Delicious food!

Arc de Triomphe at night!

Truly it was a great summer and last several months.  I am happy that we had the time to be able to just lay low, hang out with each other, and be with friends and family.  I fear that as the kids get older that more and more of their time will be spent away from the house, away from me, away from us a family and I am so thankful we had this time just to ourselves.  Does that make sense?  I’ve been told I’m obsessed with my kids but I don’t think that’s a bad thing!  I mean I know they can’t live with me forever, but surely until they’re at least 35 right? ;)

And now I'm back on the blogging train... I promise!  Also, a special shout out to my dad today because it's his birthday!  Even if we are still emotionally scared from when you scared the crap out of us the other day (dude- at 8:30 at night he banged on my back door and scared us all half to death.... he will get his don't worry!) we still love you and are glad you are in our lives!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

How far are you willing to go?

For good ice cream that is.

When we went on our "Epic East Coast Adventure Spring Break 2011" {I still laugh out loud at the title} we had grand plans to visit Carlos Bakery.  The three hour wait did not appeal to us, although looking back now I'm wondering if we should have just sucked it up.  On our way back to the car we passed a Ben and Jerry's ice cream shop and decided to get a consolatory cone for our sorrows.

This is what I had:

It is coconut seven layer bar and it was indescribably good.  Seriously, just thinking about it now is making my mouth water.  Here's the description from their website:  Coconut Ice Cream with Coconut & Fudge Flakes, Walnuts and Swirls of Graham Cracker & Butterscotch

Hello heaven!

Here's the dilemma... there's a Ben and Jerry's in the metroplex.  But it's a good 35 minutes {at least!} away.  *sigh*

So what do you do?  Drive all the way there just for some belly busting but delicious ice cream?  Can that even be justified?  Or just relish in the good memories and settle on some still delicious Marble Slab?

Decisions, decisions...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Boob tube babble time

Let's talk TV folks!

There were some of my usual shows on hiatus starting this week so it was a little sad {I will miss Modern Family!} but some goodies are coming back!  Like for example...

The Little Couple
Love 'em!  I love all people little in stature {hello, primordial dwarfs!} and these guys are just too cute for words.  They are a great couple and I wish they had chosen ME to be their surrogate.  This week documented their continued struggle to create an embryo.  It was heartbreaking to hear him say she ovulated in the last 15 minutes.  I'd be PISSED if I were them, granted that's really unusual but knowing how these things go they were more than likely sitting around for hours and why he couldn't just do the sono in the OR before the egg retrieval is beyond me.  Anyway, I hope this season brings good news for them and I can't wait to see their house as it gets done little by little!

Real Housewives
I mean you didn't think I was going to skip it did you?  The NY ladies are still in Morocco which I must say seems nice yes but I'm sorry I'm not going to travel anywhere where I have to be watched over by security!  What the heck? And after Ramona and Jill got in that huge fight, Ramona looked so fake crying like she was- it was definitely for show. And Cindy does have a big chip on her shoulder- Sonja is wrong for how she has treated her but Cindy is trying to stir something up. And bless Alex's heart for her attempt at fashion.

Real World
Had me laughing out loud at the wedding stuff.  Naomi faking her signature- she really thinks Mike is going to make something of himself and apparently he does too since he wanted her to sign it!  LOL!  I'm interested to see if Dustin and Heather are still together at the reunion show next week.  I don't think this was the best season but it's much better than some of the recent ones!

Shows I'm looking forward to here soon...
The hot mess that is the Duggar family-  I love 'em so I mean that in a nice way :)
Toddlers and Tiaras- yep I watch it.  With my daughter too!
The Challenge- Real World challenges are the best.  Seriously.
Weeds- it got kind of ehh for a few seasons but they are getting back on their game!
Royal Pains- this show randomly came back in February for like 5 episodes. Weird.
The Big C- this was great last year but how can they keep it going? Not sure but I'll be tuning in!

Summer tv watching is going to be great!

Happy National Doughnut Day

If there's a day I'd love it's this one.  What's not to lust after if not a fried ball of dough covered in nothing but sugar? 

This is what I found out as to how this started:
National Doughnut Day started in 1938 as a fund raiser for the Chicago Salvation Army. Their goal was to help the needy during the Great Depression, and to honor the Salvation Army "Lassies" of World War I, who served doughnuts to soldiers. {from Wikipedia}

Well if this doesn't give you a reason to go out and partake in the thousands of calories and empty grams of fat I don't know what will!!  This sums it up....

Thursday, June 2, 2011

In search of...

.... a husband!

If you know me you know I'm single and have been for some time.  I'm ok with it so don't feel too sad for me!

Because I have kids I feel the need to have some pretty unrealistic standards in place for any future husband of mine.  I can guarantee you will not read about me in the newspaper as the mother of an abused child who "didn't know".

But as high as my standards are apparently my daughter's are higher.  One day she made this adorable list of requirements and I just came across it recently.  I love it so much it makes me want to cry {mostly from laughing} when I read it. 

click on photo to enlarge

You can definitely tell at what point my sister got involved :)

In case you can't read it that well, here are the requirements {I've copied the words, capitalization, punctuation, etc as she wrote it}:

1# Does not smoke. <---- Please no.  It hurts momma's head.
2# Does not Drink Beer or okahalh. <---- Guessing that's alcohol and that's another no.
3# member of the church. <---- We're Mormon so it would be nice to share that with someone.
4# not alergic to cats. <---- Because we have two, but momma's allergic so I guess it's ok if he is too LOL
5# Does not have a Dog. <---- That's a girl!  Momma hates dogs!
6# Have a good Job. <---- Duh.  No explanation needed.
7# loves to travel. <---- Again, way to go girl!
8# is nice. <---- This should be a given, but apparently not.
9# Does not say Bad words. <---- And should be ok if momma does when she drops something on her foot in the kitchen.  Or gets stuck behind a crazy driver.  Or when she's late.  You get the picture.
10# Dresses niceley on Holiday Pictchures. <---- Most definitely,  because if my future husband were to wear shorts and a tee shirt for our holiday pics that's grounds for immediate divorce!
11# Will take us too school sometimes. <--- You know just to help momma out- maybe I can sleep in?
12# gets along with our Family. <---- Awwww!!  But yes, if I want to go play games at my mom's house for a few hours on a Saturday, it would be nice to know that he would be ok just hanging out with my dad or shoot even better, playing games with us!
13# Handy. <--- This for sure.  Momma is not handy!
14. not a Bad Driver. <--- This for sure also.  My babies are precious cargo. 
15 Pacince. <---- To make up for the lack of mine.
16# not Fat. <--- Actually, momma likes 'em with a little meat on their bones... just sayin'.
17# Has lots of money to spend on sisters-in-law <---- Yep this is where my sisters started having a say. Although if he does in fact have money to spend on them, that's cool.
18# Has money to spend on J2 J1 and Jenn <--- Well now this just goes without saying.
19# Billionar. <---- Let's not get crazy now.  Bill Gates is taken, I don't like Oprah, and I'm pretty sure I won't be marrying a Sultan from an oil rich country.

So if you ladies know of anyone make sure you pass his info on ;)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not me!

Do you guys have the "not me" ghost in your house?

You know the one who goes around and leaves things on the floor, or uses the last of something and doesn't replace it, or who eats the last of something but can never be found?

I know him {or her} very well.  As a matter of fact, I received a visit from him just yesterday.

Know what these are?  Lipstick- or chapstick- marks on my bedroom door about 4 feet 9 inches tall.  That is amazingly as tall as a sweet adorable little girl that happens to reside here.

But she didn't do it.  Nope.  Not her!

And neither did her older and much taller brother.  Not him!

And I know for sure I didn't do it.  Not me!

I'm not sure if I should be scared by this ghost or excited that he was apparently so excited to be in my house he made out with my door.  Hmmm....

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The green eyed monster

No, not THAT guy.  He's way adorable though!  And who doesn't love Monsters, Inc?

This kind of green eyed monster...



Let me just start by saying that I am so very thankful for the many things that I have in my life.  From an amazing family, to wonderful friends, an pretty much everything you could imagine in between.  I like to think I almost have it all.

But the internet is a dangerous tool.  Dangerous because it can make you sometimes think that what you have is not quite enough.  Or make you feel inadequate.  Or make you want more.

And I hate that!

But I'm no stranger to this.  And reading blogs sometimes turns *me* into a green eyed monster.  For example, when I see certain blogs where the moms have a bunch of kids and they all seem so well behaved and they do chores and the mom looks like she has it all together, it makes me want that life.  Or when I've stumbled across a fashion blogger I sometimes wish that I was as skinny as her or that I had her fashion sense {and clothing budget!}  And I've been known to long to have the gorgeous crafts and home decor as some of the blogs that I've seen.  Then there is the most ridiculous- the blogs I read where the women engage in avid exercise and I wish that I had the desire and determination to do that myself.

All these wishes then turn into insecurities.  My family isn't good enough, my sense of style is terrible, my house isn't cute, and certainly my body is awful and I could never work out like those girls do. 

Then I remember that because I only have my two kiddos there's only two people to pick up after and they might not always do chores but at least I know they still need me.  And while I may not be dressing like I stepped off the pages of a magazine, I also don't stick out when I go someplace like Walmart and I can shop at a resale shop and not only save my wallet but the Earth.    And I'll take a look at my house and realize it's not a museum and shouldn't be decorated as such but at least it's cute to me and a home for kids.  And the last thing I don't have a bright side to other than maybe I won't develop an eating disorder from feeling like I need to be thin?

So for today I'll hug my kiddos, in my old clothes, on my stained couch, in my creaking house because I have it pretty good... and you do too! 

Monday, May 30, 2011


It's a holiday I know.  And what do most people base their holidays around?  Family?  Yes, ok.  But coming in a close second is the four letter word that's closest to my heart... FOOD! {Oh, even better is mixing the two!  But I digress...}

Granted we all love different food items but I can't help but want to share a few things I've discovered recently that I love and aren't too bad for you!  First of all, do you guys like Pop Tarts?  I like the strawberry ones well enough but I mainly like the edges with a bit of the filling.  At Costco the other day I came across these little guys and was sooooooo stoked because they were delicious- and prepackaged in little 100 calorie packs.  SCORE!!

Also, another food I really like are the real fruit roll up type things.  But they're really expensive and I haven't found any in years that I love.  I came across these recently and they are super tasty and low in fat and sugar {so I feel better about eating them}.

Speaking of 100 calorie snack packs, how do you guys feel about those?  I like the idea of someone doing all the work for me and I love feeling like I've "cheated" by eating something bad but in a smaller amount.  But I suppose I could ration things out for myself.

Happy Memorial Day- thank you to all those who served and gave their lives for the freedoms we live!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Boob Tube Babble!

Oh yeah!  This time of year usually makes me sad as all the shows are winding down for the season but thankfully networks finally caught on and now offer summer programming that's just as exciting {hello The Gates anyone?}

~Real Housewives
This week I'm still thanking my lucky stars and Bravo for allowing us the greatness of having 3 RH series going on at once!!  Who could ask for more?  Although I guess I could be greedy and ask for one every night of the week?  OC, it's hard to watch Vicki and Donn's marriage going down the tubes but I really hate that they did a montage of all the bad things he said to her because I remember those clips and she was a b*tch the whole time leading up to every single one of them!  And she works all day- which she reminds us all of every chance she gets- so she has not time to devote to making it work so you can't fault him there.  NJ, I think I really am on Melissa's side in this debate.  Granted Melissa and Joe Gorga were in the wrong for lashing out at Teresa at the Christening but Teresa was being fake and didn't have to choose to incite them.  Also, I thought we got rid of both Kim G and Kim D with Danielle!!  Why the heck are they back?  You know how Slade sticks around the OC like a bad cold?  Same with these two! NY, I guess the ladies are probably contractually obligated to go on these outlandish trips otherwise I can't imagine why they all go.  I could tell from the get-go it was going to be a disaster.  I don't know what the heck is wrong with Sonya but she's gone crazy.  One funny thing was Kelly talking about Sonya's house because I was thinking the same thing!  Can't wait to see how the next few episodes play out...

This is one of those shows that somehow I missed out in the beginning and then it got so popular I was boycotting it by not watching it.  But the kiddos and I started watching it on Netflix {what did we do before Instant on Netflix??} and we are loving it- especially me because Lord knows I have been known to belt out showtunes on a whim!  But as we're watching it I am getting more and more uneasy at the story lines.  I'm not trying to be judgemental or preachy because I certainly am no stranger to shows that are BAD *coughDexter/Weeds/Borgiascough* but those are not shows I expose my kiddos to, especially my 9 year old.  I could use it as a teaching tool but then I run the risk of being a nag and I really like to save my speeches for the important stuff.  What to do?!

~Real World
The family drama on this show really has me wondering- coincidence?  It seems about 3/4 of these kids came from broken homes... not just divorced but parents in jail, or on crack, or just flat out abandoned and look what their kids are doing? Selling their souls to MTV for 15 minutes of fame {a little longer if they can go on to the challenges, which I love even more than RR}, drinking until they pass out every night, and hooking up with any and everything they can.  It's really disturbing.  Not enough for me to not watch of course but you know :)

Just finished watching season 3 again and guess what?!  You'll never guess so I'll just tell you... Jack Bauer saves the day.  Seriously!! <3 And I forgot how annoying his daughter is- I like Elisha Cuthbert in real life but her character was on my last nerves.

What did you watch this week?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Tuesday, Tuesday, everyone's shopping at Target

You know the Friday song?  Sing the title to that and it makes it fun... I promise!

Ok, so we went to Target yesterday because we needed a few groceries and ended up with only a few things we didn't need.  In the words of the famous and oh so smart London Tipton "YAY ME!"

Since it's thisclose to summer the kiddos need some summer shoes so we bought J2 these adorable sandals.  Also right now Target is having what looked to be like a kid only sale on shoes- buy one get one half off.  We did not buy a second pair because they didn't have any in her size that she liked and I wasn't going to spend more money just to get half off if she didn't really like them to begin with!

We also got J1 these since his were recently broken {if you care to know how they were broken feel free to email me and I'll tell ya all about it}.

And some groceries.  Boring huh?  I went on Saturday to Target with a friend {love ya JP!} and got all the goodies for the blog swap I'm participating in so those were the goodies I'm getting for now. 

What about you guys?  What's in your cart?

Monday, May 23, 2011

I did a bad bad thing...

and I'm ashamed of myself!

I neglected my blog. 

It's still a work in progress, developing every day, every week, and I neglected it these last two weeks.  EEK!  If this blog were my garden it would be DOA {the garden by the way, is doing amazing!}.

Hopefully you all can forgive me.  I'm getting back in the swing of things and will be enlightening you all with my words from here on out...

Oh and I had a friend make this sign for me recently and I still need to finish it but it's such a good reminder!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

To be {a mom} or not to be {a mom}...

...that was never a question for me.  If I could have had my way, I'd be halfway to Michelle Duggar by now.  But I'm thankful for my own kids and the ones I've been able to bring into this world for others.

Today is mother's day.  The day we celebrate our mothers and what they mean to us.  Those of us who aren't mothers can cherish in their mothering roles whether it be in their church, school, or extended family.

I'm so proud to have helped make this sweet lady a mom:

And this one too:

And I'm glad to be mothered {is that a word?} by this great lady:

Finally I'm eternally grateful to be a mother to these two... even when I'm cranky and just want to be alone, even when they dirty up my just cleaned house, even when I have to yell raise my voice to get their attention, but ESPECIALLY when they do good to others, stand up for what's right, take care of one another, and just overall make me proud.  I love my J's!

I have a newer picture of all of us but I love them and I love Maine!!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Boob tube babble week 2

Ah yes, another week of incessant rambling about television.  Yes, we watch too much of it.  Ok maybe YOU don't but I sure do.  But look I'm not married, sometimes my kids are with their dad, and I have two cats so I'm desperately trying to not become the old single cat lady by involving myself in the world of TV OK?!

Anyway, this week some pretty interesting things happened on my shows....

~Celebrity Apprentice
Ok so I would like to have enjoyed the final 20 minutes of the show and the suspense leading up to the firing {Hope was the only choice- let's be real no one is watching the show for her} however some random news flunkie so very rudely interrupted to talk for forever before someone else {POTUS} regaled us with the same knowledge we'd been getting fed the 20 minutes prior.  Best Stephanie Tanner impression, "How rude!"

~Real Housewives
Sorry y'all I just can't get enough of them.  Any of them.  Shoot I'd take RH of any town- even a small little podunk one.  Let's see on OC this week we had Alexis being a drama queen, Donn being really funny and charming and making me even madder a Vicki for being stupid and divorcing him, and Peggy still being scary.  On NY ....

~Real World
I didn't want to talk about all the same shows as last week but for real this episode deserved to be here.  So last week Heather was all put out because Dustin did some bad things with another guy.  What does she do?  Go and mess around with another girl!  Hello?!  These two are now officially even and can be together.  Although I'm all about him being with Cooke just because I think Heather is stupid.  Speaking of stupid, Naomi much?  I'd be embarrassed to admit half the stuff she was saying and certainly wouldn't be running around the house all giddy because I was STD free {but I am, that didn't sound right!}  I want to shake these kids!

Technically this isn't on the air, however I did watch it this week and I just can't get over how awesome it all is.  Jack Bauer makes me swoon.  Don't believe me? Check this out :)

~Teen Mom
Yeah I know, I really do know.  But it's amazing entertainment.  This week I was super proud of the girl because she was nursing her baby in the hospital {a lot of them do} but she was also nursing when she got home.  Then she went back to school {with it's on site daycare- let's not go there} and she got called out of class to nurse which I thought was AWESOME!  Not saying you're bad if you don't breastfeed but it's seriously the best thing you can do and especially for a teenager to do it, that's wonderful.  I don't think homegirl was making a lot of great decisions but that was one!  And can we talk about the mom.. was she single?  Did you see her house?  It looked pretty nice.  And she sure was driving a Mercedes.  Must be nice ;)

Of course there's a ton more that I could go on about but what about you?  What did you watch this week?  {Not you Jenni P..... I know you don't have time to watch TV! LOL}

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The "thing" is...

Do you have a "thing"?

You know like a quirk?

A tic?

I do.

So does my sister.  Hers is that she can't stand straws.  Seriously.  So when we're gathered around the table playing a card game or chickenfoot we have to put our cups on the floor {leading to many a drink being spilled but I digress} because the straws "hurt" her eyes.  She also can't do forks or large fields of green but we won't go there today.

My other sister can't go in the bathroom without pulling the shower curtain back.  Ok, well maybe that's not so different.  Do you do that?

Mine is I don't like things touching my feet!  Random I know.  {One exception- pedicures! Love 'em, want 'em everyday please and thank you.} But please please please do not put a scratchy couch under my bare feet or I'll lose it.  Or concrete.  And most carpets.  Oh and bedspreads too.  I wear socks most of the time.  I hate summer and sandals are one of the reasons.  How I love socks.
What about you?  Do you have a "thing"?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jack Bauer you make heart sour...

No.  Not really. 

I was trying to make a rhyme a la "Wild thing, you make my heart sing..." but the name Bauer doesn't make it easy.  Because my feelings for Jack Bauer are strong.  I love the man.  A lot.

Almost as much as I love these two.

Yeah, these two are so cute I HAD to work them in somehow :)

You see I've started watching the series 24 all over again {thank you very much much Netflix instant on the Wii!} and I forgot how awesome he is. 

I watched the first season on regular TV and loved it.  I waited until the second season was on DVD and watched it all in a row.  You see this series is so good you can't really go a whole week waiting to find out what's going on.  Whoever thought of putting seasons of TV on DVD has my undying love MWAH!

Currently I'm only 39 episodes into the 202 total so I still have some time to bask in the goodness of all things JB.  My only solace in the sadness that I know will come when it's over is that I've heard many times that they will be doing a 24 movie.  Um, hello, talk about rocking my world!

This picture pretty much sums up his awesomeness...