Friday, May 27, 2011

Boob Tube Babble!

Oh yeah!  This time of year usually makes me sad as all the shows are winding down for the season but thankfully networks finally caught on and now offer summer programming that's just as exciting {hello The Gates anyone?}

~Real Housewives
This week I'm still thanking my lucky stars and Bravo for allowing us the greatness of having 3 RH series going on at once!!  Who could ask for more?  Although I guess I could be greedy and ask for one every night of the week?  OC, it's hard to watch Vicki and Donn's marriage going down the tubes but I really hate that they did a montage of all the bad things he said to her because I remember those clips and she was a b*tch the whole time leading up to every single one of them!  And she works all day- which she reminds us all of every chance she gets- so she has not time to devote to making it work so you can't fault him there.  NJ, I think I really am on Melissa's side in this debate.  Granted Melissa and Joe Gorga were in the wrong for lashing out at Teresa at the Christening but Teresa was being fake and didn't have to choose to incite them.  Also, I thought we got rid of both Kim G and Kim D with Danielle!!  Why the heck are they back?  You know how Slade sticks around the OC like a bad cold?  Same with these two! NY, I guess the ladies are probably contractually obligated to go on these outlandish trips otherwise I can't imagine why they all go.  I could tell from the get-go it was going to be a disaster.  I don't know what the heck is wrong with Sonya but she's gone crazy.  One funny thing was Kelly talking about Sonya's house because I was thinking the same thing!  Can't wait to see how the next few episodes play out...

This is one of those shows that somehow I missed out in the beginning and then it got so popular I was boycotting it by not watching it.  But the kiddos and I started watching it on Netflix {what did we do before Instant on Netflix??} and we are loving it- especially me because Lord knows I have been known to belt out showtunes on a whim!  But as we're watching it I am getting more and more uneasy at the story lines.  I'm not trying to be judgemental or preachy because I certainly am no stranger to shows that are BAD *coughDexter/Weeds/Borgiascough* but those are not shows I expose my kiddos to, especially my 9 year old.  I could use it as a teaching tool but then I run the risk of being a nag and I really like to save my speeches for the important stuff.  What to do?!

~Real World
The family drama on this show really has me wondering- coincidence?  It seems about 3/4 of these kids came from broken homes... not just divorced but parents in jail, or on crack, or just flat out abandoned and look what their kids are doing? Selling their souls to MTV for 15 minutes of fame {a little longer if they can go on to the challenges, which I love even more than RR}, drinking until they pass out every night, and hooking up with any and everything they can.  It's really disturbing.  Not enough for me to not watch of course but you know :)

Just finished watching season 3 again and guess what?!  You'll never guess so I'll just tell you... Jack Bauer saves the day.  Seriously!! <3 And I forgot how annoying his daughter is- I like Elisha Cuthbert in real life but her character was on my last nerves.

What did you watch this week?

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Jenni said...

Glee has great songs but it is NOT AT ALL appropriate for the kiddos I think. I am all about tolerance and whatnot but the gay pride story lines get a litle "shove it down their throat".