Sunday, May 1, 2011


A random collection of thoughts from the week-

I had to get my yearly TB test for the hospital this week.  Last time I remember it reacting ever so slightly- enough that I could tell where the test had been administered.  This time I don't even see anything... interesting.

Our garden is blooming like crazy this week.  I went and saw a friend's garden and was immediately put to shame.  Hers is AH-MAZING.  But she also spent a lot of time and money on it.  We'll see if we can be successful with our little one and go from there.  But I'm ever so hopeful because our seeds keep growing growing growing!

I watched probably 8 full hours of royal wedding stuff this week.  That's without commericals.  I was a little obsessed!  Did you not cry when they said their vows?  And what about the double kiss on the balcony?  Or how gorgeous her sister was?  In fact I have a ton of thoughts so I'm making a separate post on it :)

My sweet surrobabe will be 4 months old this week and his mom called to tell me he has 2 teeth budding on the bottom- can you believe it!?  I said he must be so advanced because of the great milk I've been providing *lol*

I'm not overly involved in world events but do have my ear to the ground about the gas price situation.  The other day I heard something on the radio about Exxon announcing an 11 billion dollar earning but I figured that couldn't be right so I dismissed it.  When I got home I googled it and sure enough they earned 11 BILLION dollars last quarter.  Something just doesn't seem right about that.  They're blaming it on the increased price per barrel of oil but I'm wondering if they're making so much money couldn't they lower the price of gas and save us all a little money?  I guess I just don't understand the logistics of it all...

Today is gloomy and cool- my favorite kind of weather.  I am back in my pj's ready for an uneventful rest of the night!

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Jenni said...

In all my economics classes, as we have talked about oil and gas prices, as well as what I have heard at work, we shuld expect gas prices to continue to increase. Possibly even hitting $5 a gallon with a year or year and a half. Sigh, I'm getting a moped...