Friday, May 6, 2011

Boob tube babble week 2

Ah yes, another week of incessant rambling about television.  Yes, we watch too much of it.  Ok maybe YOU don't but I sure do.  But look I'm not married, sometimes my kids are with their dad, and I have two cats so I'm desperately trying to not become the old single cat lady by involving myself in the world of TV OK?!

Anyway, this week some pretty interesting things happened on my shows....

~Celebrity Apprentice
Ok so I would like to have enjoyed the final 20 minutes of the show and the suspense leading up to the firing {Hope was the only choice- let's be real no one is watching the show for her} however some random news flunkie so very rudely interrupted to talk for forever before someone else {POTUS} regaled us with the same knowledge we'd been getting fed the 20 minutes prior.  Best Stephanie Tanner impression, "How rude!"

~Real Housewives
Sorry y'all I just can't get enough of them.  Any of them.  Shoot I'd take RH of any town- even a small little podunk one.  Let's see on OC this week we had Alexis being a drama queen, Donn being really funny and charming and making me even madder a Vicki for being stupid and divorcing him, and Peggy still being scary.  On NY ....

~Real World
I didn't want to talk about all the same shows as last week but for real this episode deserved to be here.  So last week Heather was all put out because Dustin did some bad things with another guy.  What does she do?  Go and mess around with another girl!  Hello?!  These two are now officially even and can be together.  Although I'm all about him being with Cooke just because I think Heather is stupid.  Speaking of stupid, Naomi much?  I'd be embarrassed to admit half the stuff she was saying and certainly wouldn't be running around the house all giddy because I was STD free {but I am, that didn't sound right!}  I want to shake these kids!

Technically this isn't on the air, however I did watch it this week and I just can't get over how awesome it all is.  Jack Bauer makes me swoon.  Don't believe me? Check this out :)

~Teen Mom
Yeah I know, I really do know.  But it's amazing entertainment.  This week I was super proud of the girl because she was nursing her baby in the hospital {a lot of them do} but she was also nursing when she got home.  Then she went back to school {with it's on site daycare- let's not go there} and she got called out of class to nurse which I thought was AWESOME!  Not saying you're bad if you don't breastfeed but it's seriously the best thing you can do and especially for a teenager to do it, that's wonderful.  I don't think homegirl was making a lot of great decisions but that was one!  And can we talk about the mom.. was she single?  Did you see her house?  It looked pretty nice.  And she sure was driving a Mercedes.  Must be nice ;)

Of course there's a ton more that I could go on about but what about you?  What did you watch this week?  {Not you Jenni P..... I know you don't have time to watch TV! LOL}


Jenni said...

But if it makes you feel any better, I would love to have more time for TV and I at least make time to read your blog (when I should be studying Econometrics).

Neely said...

Thanks for linking up girl!

Meagan said...

Thanks for linking up! Wasn't real world crazy! I haven't seen that 16 and pregnant but that's awesome she was breast feeding!