Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Tuesday, Tuesday, everyone's shopping at Target

You know the Friday song?  Sing the title to that and it makes it fun... I promise!

Ok, so we went to Target yesterday because we needed a few groceries and ended up with only a few things we didn't need.  In the words of the famous and oh so smart London Tipton "YAY ME!"

Since it's thisclose to summer the kiddos need some summer shoes so we bought J2 these adorable sandals.  Also right now Target is having what looked to be like a kid only sale on shoes- buy one get one half off.  We did not buy a second pair because they didn't have any in her size that she liked and I wasn't going to spend more money just to get half off if she didn't really like them to begin with!

We also got J1 these since his were recently broken {if you care to know how they were broken feel free to email me and I'll tell ya all about it}.

And some groceries.  Boring huh?  I went on Saturday to Target with a friend {love ya JP!} and got all the goodies for the blog swap I'm participating in so those were the goodies I'm getting for now. 

What about you guys?  What's in your cart?


tara said...

Cute sandals!

Anonymous said...

We were there on Saturday as well!! Storage totes to pack up the baby's room, work clothes for john, some toiletries, and some licorice for our next trip to the movies!!!