Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The green eyed monster

No, not THAT guy.  He's way adorable though!  And who doesn't love Monsters, Inc?

This kind of green eyed monster...



Let me just start by saying that I am so very thankful for the many things that I have in my life.  From an amazing family, to wonderful friends, an pretty much everything you could imagine in between.  I like to think I almost have it all.

But the internet is a dangerous tool.  Dangerous because it can make you sometimes think that what you have is not quite enough.  Or make you feel inadequate.  Or make you want more.

And I hate that!

But I'm no stranger to this.  And reading blogs sometimes turns *me* into a green eyed monster.  For example, when I see certain blogs where the moms have a bunch of kids and they all seem so well behaved and they do chores and the mom looks like she has it all together, it makes me want that life.  Or when I've stumbled across a fashion blogger I sometimes wish that I was as skinny as her or that I had her fashion sense {and clothing budget!}  And I've been known to long to have the gorgeous crafts and home decor as some of the blogs that I've seen.  Then there is the most ridiculous- the blogs I read where the women engage in avid exercise and I wish that I had the desire and determination to do that myself.

All these wishes then turn into insecurities.  My family isn't good enough, my sense of style is terrible, my house isn't cute, and certainly my body is awful and I could never work out like those girls do. 

Then I remember that because I only have my two kiddos there's only two people to pick up after and they might not always do chores but at least I know they still need me.  And while I may not be dressing like I stepped off the pages of a magazine, I also don't stick out when I go someplace like Walmart and I can shop at a resale shop and not only save my wallet but the Earth.    And I'll take a look at my house and realize it's not a museum and shouldn't be decorated as such but at least it's cute to me and a home for kids.  And the last thing I don't have a bright side to other than maybe I won't develop an eating disorder from feeling like I need to be thin?

So for today I'll hug my kiddos, in my old clothes, on my stained couch, in my creaking house because I have it pretty good... and you do too! 

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Sandee said...

Love this! Thanks for the reminder. :)