Monday, May 2, 2011

Quit BUG-ging me!

You guys I have a problem.

It's serious and causing me to lose sleep and be afraid of my own home!

I have a bug problem.  Ooooo I shudder even writing that!

Let me start by saying I love where our house is.  We have a field on one side of our house.  And it's nice that there's no neighbors over there and I enjoy the bunnies that I've seen over there.  It's also a great place for the kids to play- play football, play in the snow, just play!

But I think that field is contributing to all the little crawly things that I've seen recently.  J1 said he had a spider crawl on him the other day, there was a big something on the wall in my laundry room, I've seen a few little long thin somethings here and there, I saw a tiny spider in my bed (I can't tell you how much that freaked me out even though it was smaller than the eraser on a pencil), and just this morning there was a daddy long legs on the ceiling above my shower.  Oh yeah that was me you heard screaming. 

What can I do? Have the outside of my house sprayed?  Does that kill spiders and all the little random bugs?  I keep a pretty clean house I can't imagine it's that. I'm seriously so grossed out by the thought of bugs I shake my shoes every time I put them on and I can't go in my dang laundry room without freaking out.  My paranoia reached a new high when I went out to eat the other day and I flinched at a shadow that I thought was a bug. 

I hate them.  I really do.  QUIT BUGGING ME!!


Jenni said...

I completely feel your pain. Talk to Derek about spraying your house. We have the stuff and it would only take him a little bit.

melissa said...

not sure what they're called,but theres the square things you plug into outlets around the house that really work for indoor creatures. my dad uses them and i had them in my apertment....not sure what to do about outside guys though!