Thursday, May 5, 2011

The "thing" is...

Do you have a "thing"?

You know like a quirk?

A tic?

I do.

So does my sister.  Hers is that she can't stand straws.  Seriously.  So when we're gathered around the table playing a card game or chickenfoot we have to put our cups on the floor {leading to many a drink being spilled but I digress} because the straws "hurt" her eyes.  She also can't do forks or large fields of green but we won't go there today.

My other sister can't go in the bathroom without pulling the shower curtain back.  Ok, well maybe that's not so different.  Do you do that?

Mine is I don't like things touching my feet!  Random I know.  {One exception- pedicures! Love 'em, want 'em everyday please and thank you.} But please please please do not put a scratchy couch under my bare feet or I'll lose it.  Or concrete.  And most carpets.  Oh and bedspreads too.  I wear socks most of the time.  I hate summer and sandals are one of the reasons.  How I love socks.
What about you?  Do you have a "thing"?

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