Favorite Things

Raindrop and roses... you know the rest.  Here's some of my favorite things! 

 Ok I love shoes, I really do.  Now it may not look like it on most days when I'm wearing jeans and Nikes but I do. And these... wow!  I saw them and thought they were fabulous.  But now I'm wondering if they're kind of hooker-ish?  Thoughts?

Ode to green pens.  How I love thee.  How hard thee are to find.  Money and green pens- two things a girl can never have too much of.

Do you have Sonic where you are?  If not, I strongly suggest you come to visit me and I will take you.  Specifically I will take you during "Happy Hour" where all drinks are half price.  And you MUST have a Route 44- it just tastes different, I promise.

Travel.  LOVE to travel.  Wish I could do it more often.  I have lots of places I want to go.  But I've also been many places. I feel lucky in that respect.  Do you travel?

Wizard of Oz.  LOVE IT.  I mean it!  I played Dorothy in a play in high school and that started a long lasting love affair.  In fact, it could be considered an obsession.  Did I once consider spending a large amount of money on an original printing?  Maybe.

I thought about posting all the shows I like but it would be way too long.  So instead I shall profess my love of Bravo.  And all shows Bravo.  And Andy Cohen.  I could really go on.  But I won't.

And last but not least FOOD!  All items in this picture look suspiciously healthy.  And theres a slab of something that was once in the ocean on the bottom right corner that I would never eat.  But I think you get it.  I love me some yummy, delicious, tasty morsels. 

There you have it!  A few of my favorite things.  If you made it all the way through you should reward yourself with something special.  Like a pack of green pens with a Sonic chaser. Go on... you know you want to!