About Me

I have been needing to fill this space but it's kind of daunting! Then I remembered that I had seen this on another blog and thought it was a great way to get to know me. Enjoy!

The ABCs of Me!

A~Age: 30, gross I don’t even like saying it!
B~Bed size: King- yep all by myself. Well me and my 8 pillows. And occasionally a kiddo or two.
C~Chore you hate: all of them? If I had to pick one I’d say cleaning the bathroom, but hanging up clothes is a close second.
D~Dogs: No way. I don’t like them here or there, I don’t like dogs Sam I Am.
E~Essential start to your day: If it involves a Sonic Rte 44 Coke then it’s a great day.
F~Favorite color:Green.
G~Gold or silver:Silver, although a good gold piece is essential right?
H~Height:Probably 5’6” ½ so I’ll say 5’7”
I~Instruments you play:None, now. I used to play the violin and I could peck out a few notes on the piano but now I couldn’t do either.
J~Job title:Domestic goddess. 
K~Kids:The two greatest ones ever! My son and daughter mean the world to me.
L~Live:DFW Texas. Although my heart yearns to be elsewhere… like Maine J
M~Mom’s name:LouAnn, also my middle name and my daughter’s middle name
N~Nicknames:Pooky Bird
O~Overnight hospital stays:Just after giving birth
P~Pet peeve:Gum smackers, people who don’t buckle their kids or who smoke with them in the car
Q~Quote from a movie:”Dirty hoe! I’m sorry baby I love you.” Cat in the Hat. OR “Stupid, fat, hobbit” Gollum, Lord of the Rings.
R~Right or left handed:Right.
S~Siblings: 4- 1 brother, 3 sisters. I’m the oldest.
T~Time you wake up: Once at 2 to pump (see surrogacy story for more details), then again between 6:30 and 7.
U~Underwear:Um, regular?
V~Vegetables you dislike:I actually like vegetables so I’m going to say maybe brussel sprouts? Just because I’ve never had them and they look funny.
W~What makes you run late:The kids. I swear my son takes longer than me to get ready!
X~X-rays you’ve had:I think maybe just dental… no broken bones for me thankfully!
Y~Yummy food you make:I would not say I’m a chef by any means.  I do however bake well. Brownies especially J
Z~Zoo, favorite animal:Koalas or kangaroos. LOVE THEM!