Sunday, May 8, 2011

To be {a mom} or not to be {a mom}...

...that was never a question for me.  If I could have had my way, I'd be halfway to Michelle Duggar by now.  But I'm thankful for my own kids and the ones I've been able to bring into this world for others.

Today is mother's day.  The day we celebrate our mothers and what they mean to us.  Those of us who aren't mothers can cherish in their mothering roles whether it be in their church, school, or extended family.

I'm so proud to have helped make this sweet lady a mom:

And this one too:

And I'm glad to be mothered {is that a word?} by this great lady:

Finally I'm eternally grateful to be a mother to these two... even when I'm cranky and just want to be alone, even when they dirty up my just cleaned house, even when I have to yell raise my voice to get their attention, but ESPECIALLY when they do good to others, stand up for what's right, take care of one another, and just overall make me proud.  I love my J's!

I have a newer picture of all of us but I love them and I love Maine!!


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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

You are amazing to be able to do that for someone-two times! I love that picture of you and your kiddos too. :)

Happy Mother's Day!