Friday, April 29, 2011

Boob tube babble

I'm so excited someone's doing this because every week I want to talk about my shows but didn't know if people cared.

So without further adieu here's what I'm watching {ok well just a sampling, we don't have all day!}...

~Real World.
Juicy drama this week about Dustin.  He previously admitted to doing an online frat house type show.  Then it turned out there was something more.  That something?  No one can get him to commit to a firm answer but I was too afraid to look it up online.  Regardless, he really should have told Heather.  And is it just me or are his eyes really beady and ferret like?  He makes me nervous!

~Real Housewives.
NYC- Kelly is still a space cadet.  I don't get her and I really hate that she uses her kids as an excuse to get out of everything.  No she is not a great mom in my opinion, even as good as she's faking it.  Good call Ramona on fronting LuAnne about being a "weekend mom".  I don't care if they're grown up- they're still kids and in school and they need their mom!  And I could go on about Sonya but I won't.  But suffice it to say she's awful.
OC- I liked Gina but I'm disappointed that she's friends with Simon.  Also, Vicki please WE GET IT!  You work.  Shut up already.  And Peggy was so pretty but I hate what she's done to her face. It pains me when her face moves when she talks.

~Celebrity Apprentice.
I have never seen this show before this season so I'm not sure what the end goal is but if you were a smart competitor wouldn't you want the weakest link to stay so you could outshine them all to the end?  I'd have gotten rid of Star Jones a long time ago.  The woman is a snake.  And hello has NO ONE noticed that Hope hasn't done a dang thing? Anyway, glad they got rid of Gary Busey last week, he was nuts.

~Better with You.
I'm afraid not enough people watch this show and it may not come back.  It's really funny and worth the watch!  This week made me laugh out loud several times!

What shows did you watch this week?

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Meagan said...

Thanks for linking up! Real world was super awkward this week! Could you believe how crazy Ramona was this week with the crying about the new lady's brother?! I don't know how Vicki can work as much as she does. She is crazy! This is the first season we haven't watched celebrity apprentice because the people were too crazy! I've never watched better with you.