Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The best day of the week!

Ok, well I'm not sure Tuesday is really the best day of the week but since it's Target Tuesday that makes it a great day!

We had to run to Target yesterday for some water bottles {we're using these instead of the Medela bags for the milk for the baby} and some shorts since it's getting hotter everyday.  And of course we did our requisite lap around the store and there are lots of cute things I was lusting over!

I've seen these the last few times we've been in there and I really like how they're decorative but still kind of simple.  I also like how they don't have a lip around the edge of the plate.

I bought a rice maker {boring but practical} for my cousin's wedding this weekend and happened to see this baby while I was over that way.  I have a Swiffer mop but it's Swiffer Max and I can never find the SM refills so I have to use two of the regular ones and it seems like a hassle to me.  My vacuum bit the dust not too long ago and a friend gave me her old old old Kirby.  It works but it's really heavy and a hassle to use. This looks to me like the perfect combination of the two!

And I am on the fence about these babies.  I resisted flat sandals- especially those with the "gladiator" look- for a long time.  But these come in several colors and I think I might want to try these out.  What do you think?
 What's in your cart this week?


tara said...

I love the sandals! I think you should get them! :)

Anonymous said...

I bought the sandals in black and love them. :) I'm not much for the gladiator look either, but the simple ones like these I really like.

tara said...

Ps- your link isnt showing up in the link up! Might want to try again if it didnt go through!

Jenni said...

I like the sandals. I have some kind of like that from last summer at Target.
Also talk to my sister about the Shark vaccuum. She has one and LOVES it.

TanaLicious said...

I have those exact sandals and am just waiting for warm enough weather to wear them. Love that china too!!

Just Jennifer said...

Bummer about the link Tara! I went back and did it but I'll be quicker next time ;)

Jenni, I'll email B for sure! I really think it's the perfect combo for me.

Mel and Tana I can't believe you guys both have those sandals! I guess I do need to get them :)

Shelley said...

I have that purple duster/vacuum :-). We have wood floors so it's a must!