Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sweet Sweet Valley

This gets a big fat OMG from me!

Do you guys remember when you were younger how you loved to get completely lost in a book?  Maybe you had a favorite series.  Perhaps they were about blonde twins in California.  You with me?  Remember?

Sweet Valley books encompassed a good portion of my reading in my youth.  I still remember the day I came home from school and there was a Sweet Valley Twins book on the kitchen table that my mom had bought me {with some nail polish too if I remember right, random}.  I went on to read every single one that I could get my hands on from SV Twins, to SV High, then SV University and all the offshoot mysteries...

Was anyone else crazed when Elizabeth and Todd broke up?!

I LOVED Elizabeth and Jessica and all their friends!

Freakin' Lila- always causing drama!

I'm not going to lie- I was still reading them when I was married and had my son!  I couldn't help it.  They were that good.

Jessica was always in some kind of trouble!

As the years have gone by I've thought about them off and on.  I even saw the ones I still have sitting in my closet in a storage container.  They look so sad.  Old and worn they sit collecting dust.  But I'm busy and don't have time for them.

But the greatest thing happened the other day.  I was reading the newspaper and it mentioned something that took me back.  Took me to those days when I could get lost reading.  Days when I had little troubles.  Days when I got excited over a $2.99 book.

This is now available.

Oh. My. Gracious!  It's 10 years later.  Say wha?!

Guess what's uploaded on the Kindle ready for me to fall back in love with?

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Jenni said...

I loved that series. Maybe I will have to go back and reread it one day.