Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth day and we spent the day appropriately- planting our garden!

Now I should say that I don't like dirt.  I'm not a fan of the heat.  I also don't care for bugs.  So I'm sure this is going to work out splendidly right?  The kids are like me too so this may be the only time you'll ever see their hands dirty ;)

When we first started thinking about having a garden I realized how much work it was going to be {thinking back to when we tried to dig a hole in my parents backyard to help level the pool- yeah not so much!} so we decided to do a raised box type idea.  However I'm not sure how a box was going to be constructed and who was going to put all the dirt in there?  Finally we decided on one of those little wading pools and it's the perfect size.  It may not work but hey we tried right?

We'll water and feed our little pool garden {don't worry- we've poked holes in the bottom for drainage!} and see what happens.  And maybe next year we'll work a little harder and make a "real" garden.

Even if it doesn't pan out these guys were awfully proud of themselves...


Nickname unavailable said...

The pool should work out fine for your garden. The question is, what did you end up planting? Is this going to be a veggie garden or flowers?

Jenni said...

Good for you.