Monday, April 4, 2011

The ears have it!

More on my connection to this later but I was so excited last night when the women won on Celebrity Apprentice!

Marlee Matlin's charity is the Starkey Hearing Foundation and they received a cool million dollars because of the fundraising efforts that happened on last night's episode!

My sweet baby girl has been wearing hearing aids since she was 4.  I'm thankful for the technological advances in hearing aids and especially those brought about by Starkey.  I am very happy I've been able to provide her with hearing aids and couldn't imagine not being able to hear let alone not have the ability to purchase hearing aids.  What a great organization to help- way to go Marlee!

Be thankful for your good hearing today :)


Mike said...

I've generated a poll on whether you approve (or not) Marlee Matlin's use of the $1 million dollars to donate to Starkey Hearing Foundation to help distribute more free hearing aids to deserving kids around the world. Believe me, there are people who dont' want to see this happen. :/

Just Jennifer said...

I voted YES Mike :) My daughter has some hearing and her HA bring her to basically 100%. I would be saddened if we didn't have the means to provide her with them and think any organization that can and will help provide them to those in need gets two thumbs up! Unless there was something I was missing?