Monday, April 25, 2011

Miscellany Monday

It's random musings time!

~Is anyone watching Celebrity Apprentice?  I didn't care for Star Jones before and this show has reaffirmed my distaste for her. UGH!

~Yesterday at church I got to see the family of a long time friend.  I love them so much.  It's really comforting to see people like that and just know they love you too.  And I especially like this saying, "Friends are the family we choose." SO TRUE!

~I'm looking forward to the wedding on Friday.  You know... this one.  But I was thinking about it and you know what?  I really don't like the ring.  Granted if I was proposed to by a prince of course I'd take it, and of course it's huge and worth a lot, and then there's the whole sentimental value but still- just not my fave.

~Yesterday was Easter and we didn't dye eggs.  It's ok because we're doing it tonight.  And the kids didn't want to hunt for them anyway.

~Those cookies we got from my friend Kat?  We got 6 and so what if I ate 5 of them?  I happen to like my big butt :)  If you ever get the chance to try them you'll want to eat them all too.

What's on your mind?


Emily P. said...

I just realized we didn't dye eggs this year either! Being 37 weeks along I wasn't much in the easter spirit this year...sad, I know!

Jenni said...

KK couldn't believe how big the kids were. Even since last October.

TIFFANY said...

We got out eggs dyed finally at about 10:00pm Saturday night. I don't really like dying eggs, so I put if off as long as I could.