Thursday, June 2, 2011

In search of...

.... a husband!

If you know me you know I'm single and have been for some time.  I'm ok with it so don't feel too sad for me!

Because I have kids I feel the need to have some pretty unrealistic standards in place for any future husband of mine.  I can guarantee you will not read about me in the newspaper as the mother of an abused child who "didn't know".

But as high as my standards are apparently my daughter's are higher.  One day she made this adorable list of requirements and I just came across it recently.  I love it so much it makes me want to cry {mostly from laughing} when I read it. 

click on photo to enlarge

You can definitely tell at what point my sister got involved :)

In case you can't read it that well, here are the requirements {I've copied the words, capitalization, punctuation, etc as she wrote it}:

1# Does not smoke. <---- Please no.  It hurts momma's head.
2# Does not Drink Beer or okahalh. <---- Guessing that's alcohol and that's another no.
3# member of the church. <---- We're Mormon so it would be nice to share that with someone.
4# not alergic to cats. <---- Because we have two, but momma's allergic so I guess it's ok if he is too LOL
5# Does not have a Dog. <---- That's a girl!  Momma hates dogs!
6# Have a good Job. <---- Duh.  No explanation needed.
7# loves to travel. <---- Again, way to go girl!
8# is nice. <---- This should be a given, but apparently not.
9# Does not say Bad words. <---- And should be ok if momma does when she drops something on her foot in the kitchen.  Or gets stuck behind a crazy driver.  Or when she's late.  You get the picture.
10# Dresses niceley on Holiday Pictchures. <---- Most definitely,  because if my future husband were to wear shorts and a tee shirt for our holiday pics that's grounds for immediate divorce!
11# Will take us too school sometimes. <--- You know just to help momma out- maybe I can sleep in?
12# gets along with our Family. <---- Awwww!!  But yes, if I want to go play games at my mom's house for a few hours on a Saturday, it would be nice to know that he would be ok just hanging out with my dad or shoot even better, playing games with us!
13# Handy. <--- This for sure.  Momma is not handy!
14. not a Bad Driver. <--- This for sure also.  My babies are precious cargo. 
15 Pacince. <---- To make up for the lack of mine.
16# not Fat. <--- Actually, momma likes 'em with a little meat on their bones... just sayin'.
17# Has lots of money to spend on sisters-in-law <---- Yep this is where my sisters started having a say. Although if he does in fact have money to spend on them, that's cool.
18# Has money to spend on J2 J1 and Jenn <--- Well now this just goes without saying.
19# Billionar. <---- Let's not get crazy now.  Bill Gates is taken, I don't like Oprah, and I'm pretty sure I won't be marrying a Sultan from an oil rich country.

So if you ladies know of anyone make sure you pass his info on ;)

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