Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm PIN-ning out of control! (Part one)

(This is the first of two posts on the subject of the all encompassing website that is Pinterest.)


I don’t even know where to start. 

My mom first introduced me to this site a while back.  I didn’t understand what it was or what it meant so I never signed on.  Then my friend Katy mentioned something to me about something that I knew I had to check out so I went back to the invite my mom sent and signed up.  It’s been downhill since then J 

I could never have imagined how crafty I wanted to be.  Or how much I actually wanted to cook and bake.  I don’t think my favorite thing to make will ever stop being reservations but I can tell you the other day I made something I saw on P and the response I got was so positive I wanted to cook more and more!  And don’t get me started on all the home décor crafts.  Hello, who knew you could make 417 different things with a door or window frame?!  And where on Earth do you find said door or window frame?  And I would have never ever said I was a fashionista but I tell you some of the premade outfits on there make me chanel my inner diva and make me want to pay attention to what I wear every day!  Even the funny sayings have me cracking up and wondering who I can send them to. 

I’ve had the kids peek over my shoulder a few times and even want me to look at this or that or repin this or that.  I do still love Facebook but I just can’t spend as much time there anymore as I can getting lost on P.  Can I just tell you one night (or morning as it may have been, oops) I was on there and there were literally no new pins.  I was crushed and had no choice but to go to bed!  How can that be?  Maybe I don’t quite have it all figured out just yet but I will make it my mission to do so! 

So…. Do you pin?

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