Wednesday, October 19, 2011

First school dance!

J1’s first school dance. 

Oh boy do I remember my first school dance.  Actually, that makes it seem like I remember a lot about it.  All I remember is that I wore this one dress that I had to have because my best friend Adriane had it (sorry about that!) and it was pretty dang tight.  I don’t know that we actually even danced so much as hung out in a darkened gym and talked to our friends and gossiped about boys. Sound familiar?  Oh how things have changed…. And not. 
My son went to his first dance the other day and while I was excited for him to be having these experiences I’m also saddened at how quickly they’ve come upon us.  He was adorable {he was told more than once he looked like Justin Bieber much to his chagrin!}.  From the scoop I got it seems that the junior high kids of today do much of the same milling around talking to friends, except this dance had the added element of fun of being able to purchased water balloons and having a water balloon fight {outside of course)}  Hey, anything to raise money right?  Anyway, here’s a picture of us before he left.  And yes, he’s officially at least an inch- or two- taller than me.
Check out those Halloween decorations!

Did I mention he'll be a teenager next month?  *sigh*

So tell me, what do you remember about your first dance?

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh, you almost have a teenager! What a fun time for him. That water balloon fight sounds much more fun that the typical dance. I honestly can't remember my first dance right now--that's probably not a good sign.