Monday, March 12, 2012

In this Tuscan Villa!

OK I'll admit I am kind of a dreamer.  I have a lot of ideas of things I'd like to do.  Many of them unrealistic, but what is life but to dream?

One of those ideas a long time ago was the thought that I could move to Italy and teach English.  This is only crazy because I don't speak Italian, nor am I a teacher.  I did however look into getting TOEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) certified as well as purchasing learning to speak Italian DVD's and CD's.  Might be crazy but you can't say I wasn't dedicated!


The fire behind that fury was the movie Under the Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane.  It's one of my favorite movies {no, really it is, didn't you see THIS post?} Such romantic ideals and the location is breathtaking. I truly fell for everything about that movie.

Having said all that I am sure you guys can only imagine my giddiness when I came across a post on another site.  All I can say about this is amazeballs!  The real Bramasole- the home she bought in the movie- all redone and available to stay at! <----- I just want to say that I exercised a huge amount of restraint right here, I really wanted to add about 15 exclamation points.

Check out this post and see the beautiful images of the redone home- and then go watch the movie again!

Bramasole- renovated!


Jessica said...

Obsessed with this movie!

Just Jennifer said...

It's one of the best! I'm so glad to hear there are others that love it as much as me!

Lynn said...

That was fun! I agree: great movie.