Monday, March 19, 2012

It's not June but we're having a problem...

A june bug problem!


Do you get these annoying light loving creatures?  Maybe you call them beetles or something else but these guys fly around mostly around the porch light.

I leave my porch light on for safety. DUH.  But the only problem is that these suckers will be out in full force leaving us to have to fend them off while trying to get in as quick as possible!  And inevitably, one gets in and then the cats have a field day, running all over the house, knocking stuff over for HOURS trying to play with it!

Anyone know what we can do to get rid of them?  If I remember correctly they are usually gone in a few months but still... grody to the max!


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I dread them all year long! I don't know anyway to get rid of them other than waiting, but they are so disgusting! I don't have cats to get rid of them either, so if they get in, we have those nasty things flying around randomly and hiding and no idea how to get rid of them! YUCK!! Good luck!

Julie said...

Maybe get one of those annoying, buzzing bug-zapper lights that attracts the bugs then zaps them to a crisp?

Anonymous said...

You need to treat your lawn in the Fall I believe to avoid this problem. Simple lawn maintenance and we have very few, from the neighbors lawns if any.