Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Let's SMASH it!

Is anyone else watching the new NBC show Smash? 

It's like Glee but supersized! 

Original songs?  Yes please!  Current songs?  Again, yes PLEASE!  Fabulous dance routines? Yep.  Drama? Check.

This show is awesomeness to another extreme... please tell me you're watching it!  Because I really don't think I could handle getting emotionally involved with another show that gets cancelled because of low ratings- well that, and the fact that no one gives shows a chance to bloom these days {and don't get me started on that issue!}.

Also, if anyone wanted to find out who makes the out of this world camel colored bag that Debra Messing totes around and buy it for me that would be spectacular! I'd show you but I can't find a pic of it for the life of me!

Moral of this post?  Check out Smash on Monday nights on NBC.  Look, you can even DVR it and watch it on Thursday if you like.... just watch it.


Rose said...

It is my number one show I watch besides Vampire Diaries

jaime said...

I love this show, but I watch it on Hulu. Unfortunately if you don't actually watch it while its on it doesn't count in the ratings. I learned that when my soap got canceled. I also agree they cancel shows to quickly.

Just Jennifer said...

Rose, I love Vampire Diaries too! I think it comes back on tomorrow... phew because I was getting tired of waiting!

Jamie, I have a huge issue with this! I don't understand why they won't give a show a chance! Put a Nielson box in my house, we'll help our poor shows :)