Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Are you there Chelsea? It's me, Jennifer...

I'm not sure how many of you catch the show Chelsea Lately.  Overall it's a funny show, I love that they rotate the comics that appear but they come often enough that you get to know them and their quirks.  I also love that she's not stuffy with her guests and that some of them even dish the irreverence back out to her.  She doesn't like Angelina Jolie so that makes her awesome in my book.  She LOVES fat babies, and let's face it who doesn't, so that brings her back up again.  Overall, she's a funny lady.

For the most part.

But I firmly believe in overkill.  3 books in like 3 years?  A never ending tour to promote the middle book?  Not one but two TV shows that she helped develop and makes appearances in {Whitney starring Whitney Cummings is a generally funny show but I doubt it makes it back next fall and then there's Are You There, Chelsea? with her in a starring role as her own sister}.  Then I see previews for the new movie This Means War with the ever adorable Reese Witherspoon- with CH in a supporting role!

Can we face facts here?  Homegirl is good at making us laugh at the expense of someone else.  She's shameless when it comes to admitting she sleeps around, drinks like a fish, and dislikes the idea of being a mother.  She's good at grossing us out {hello, Chuy breastfeeding Brad?}. And she's good at poking fun of her Jewish-Mormon-straight-from-Jersey-with-a-crazy-family self!

But she is not an actress.  She will never be compared to the likes of Meryl Streep.  Nor will she be compared to anyone like Jane Lynch, who's a "funny" actress.

And good grief, not to be just plain mean but the camera does not love her.  Yes, she's got a good body because she works out like 2 hours a day.  And her hair has been looking much better lately thanks to some probably high dollar extensions.  But all the drinking she does instead of eating carbs {self professed, I didn't make that up} really shows on her face.  When I heard she was only a few years older than me I wanted to run straight to the store and grab every facial product they had!

Can we all agree on this?  And then can we just get her to focus on the late night show that made her popular {because I do like it}?  And if she can't, can she at least let the effervescent Ross Matthews take over?  He's fab in a million ways!

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carla said...

I love Ross! You are so funny.