Friday, March 2, 2012

Top 10.....TV Shows!

I have to say this is the hardest for me.  When my kids go to bed, it's TV time for mama- as there's nothing else going on in my room ;)  So I watch a lot of TV.  In fact, I'm guessing it's too much because lately I've had to branch out into the living room DVR because mine only records two shows at once. But what else can I do that won't lead to trouble?  Here's goes my very hard to condense list!

1. Alias- JJ Abrams at his very best.  Jennifer Garner, I love you so much <3

2. 24- I've professed my love for Kiefer Sutherland before and this show.  There's not much else to say except I am diligently waiting for the movie!

3.Star Trek Voyager- I didn't watch this as it was on the air.  I found it several years later on DVD and have watched the whole series a few times now. I can't help myself.  Janeway fearlessly leads her crew to the furthest corners of the galaxy and then gets them home!? Amazing.

4. Big Bang Theory- I just found this show this year (more like I had to watch it because my boss bugged me about it every day for months and I only wished I started watching it sooner!) It's hilarious.  There's no other words for it!

5. Sex and the City- I didn't watch this for a long time because I was being a prude.  Once I watched it though I could see passed some of the gratuitousness and how it ultimately was a show about friendship.  This is another one I've seen the whole series more than once.

6. The Shield- This is a gritty crime show but I loved it.  Until the end when they killed Lem (Kenny Johnson).  Why do people keep killing him off their shows? He's great!

7. Dexter- This show speaks for itself.  If you haven't seen it you are missing out.  End of story.

8. Shameless- This is the second season of this show and while there's a ton of inappropriateness and I probably shouldn't be watching it, it's hilarious and mostly about family and sticking together,

9. Vampire Diaries- Hot, undead brothers? Yes please!

10. The Middle- This show keeps me in stitches.  Everyone raves about Modern Family (also a good show) but this show keeps family life very real.

Honorable mentions go to:
~Real Housewives of ANYWHERE-  I can't pick a favorite but I will say Miami is my least favorite.
~Watch What Happens Live- So fun! Celebrities, games, RH gossip, and Andy Cohen (who I might have a little crush on.)
~Weeds- I really liked the first few seasons, then it went off track, and it's been a bit better lately. 
~Nip/Tuck- Again it was really good the first few seasons but it went off track and I hated that it left so much unanswered.
~Grey's Anatomy- ONLY ON DVD.  I can't stand waiting to see what happens next!
~ Prison Break- Bad guys? Check. Good guys in jail? Check. Hot brothers? Check.
~Fringe- I like pretty much anything by JJ Abrams.  I especially like this show.  However, they continually do they a disservice and keep it off the air for weeks at a time which makes it hard to keep up with the story and makes me not want to watch it but I do. OLIVIA AND PETER FOREVER!

I'm pretty sure I probably left off a lot of shows that I like.  But there was only so much room... and probably the only person who made it this far down is my mom :)  So what are your faves?


Piter and Heidi said...

Okay, I get to watch vicariously through your posts for now...maybe someday I will discover them for myself!

Piter and Heidi said...

However...Dancing with the Stars, So you think you can dance, the Voice, CNN, American Idol, and Anything BYU channel shows pretty much sums up our TV experiences.