Saturday, March 3, 2012

Top 10.... favorite actors/actresses

I don't really have a ton of favorites for this category so I decided to lump the actors/actresses in one category.  I'm also not very traditional in my liking- while I appreciate Meryl Streep, she's not my fave.  Don't even get me started on Brad Pitt!

1. Viggo Mortensen- I feel in love with him in Lord of the Rings and have been ever since.  He's brooding by nature not the desire to be perceived as such.  And hot. That's about it.

2. Bridget Fonda- She hasn't been around in a while but I'm highly fond of the things she did give us.

3. Anne Hathaway- So funny, so poised, so talented.  I hope she's around forever.

4. Steve Buscemi- I don't know where to start with this guy.  He's just greatness!

5. Tom Cruise- I know he may be a little crazy and has sold his soul to some Scientology weirdo, but did you see the last Mission Impossible?  Homeboy still has it.

6. Stephen Dorf- Who you say?  Google him and you will remember.  He's not given a lot of credit but he is a brilliant actor.

7. Julianne Moore- She's a ginger and a great actress what more could you want?

8. Gabriel Byrne- where has he been lately? 

9. James Spader- his body of work is definitely eclectic and he's been looking kind of rough lately. But I still appreciate him as an artist!

10. Jennifer Garner- I think she has a type that she plays very well but I love her unconditionally :)

Runners up for this category include:

Josh Lucas- just because he's adorable and has that amazing accent, Harrison Ford, Ashley Judd, and Gary Sinise.

What about you?  Who are your favorite stars of the big screen?


Piter and Heidi said...

Julie Andrews...Judy Garland...Dean Martin...Jerry Lewis...Elvis...I know, I'm dated but I really don't know any new ones...

PinkLouLou said...

Well your blog is about the cutest thing ever, LOVE the design. great celeb post ;)

Just Jennifer said...

That's ok Heidi, those are great too... especially Judy Garland my beloved Dorothy!

And PLL, I'm so excited you came on over! You are so fabulous!