Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend wrap up... and a TV appearance!

OK, so it wasn't a TV appearance for me but someone I knew.  :)  Got your attention though right?

~Does anyone else watch Jersey Couture?  It took me a minute to get into the show because the two sisters and the mom and all their obnoxious yelling was quite annoying. But as I came to accept that it was just the Jersey persona, I grew to like the show.  Imagine my surprise when I was watching this last episode and there's a mom and daughter from West Virginia on there- and I know them!  How the heck do I know anyone in West Virginia!?  It turns out this girl, Natalie, was my Mary Kay lady when I was newly married with an infant.  We bonded because she was young and had a young daughter, too.  When she eventually moved on with her life she sent me to her aunt Kim, who has been my MK lady ever since.  I haven't been a good MK customer these last few years but every time I talk to Kim I ask about Natalie. What a fun surprise!

~While at Target this weekend we found Tasty Kakes.  THIS IS A BIG DEAL!!  They are an East coast delicious pastry company.  Or maybe it's just because we don't have them down here that we have thought they were so tasty.  Anywho, whenever I go to see my grandma I always make sure to pick up a few to bring home to my dad {and of course, some for myself!} I had heard that Tasty Kakes were down here and the last time I was at Target I saw some of the Krumpets but nothing that I got too excited about.  So imagine my surprise when my mom started freaking out because they had... wait for it... LEMON PIES!  These are our favorite! I only bought 2 and it's taking everything I have to NOT eat the second one today.

~Also while at Target I found white chocolate M&M's!  I love white chocolate so this was huge.  Again, trying to NOT eat more than a few of these.

~Are you guys watching Celebrity Apprentice?  The girls are making it really hard to root for them.  I love Lisa Lampanelli.  Teresa Guidice has not done a THING, I am super upset that she's still there. Aubrey, while SUPER obnoxious, does have good ideas and is playing the game... hard. And Dayana, whoever she is, needs to go once and for all.

This weekend has flown by!  Hope you all had a great weekend!

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