Monday, April 2, 2012

For you, the single mom

I saw this on another blog and thought it was sweet.  I've been a "single" mom for so long, I just consider myself a mom now.  But so much of this is true!

Single Mom
You–the strong woman (even if you don’t always feel like it) that runs her household alone.  <--- Must be said though, that the kiddos sure can help a lot.  Especially the one who is taller than me and can reach the tall stuff ;)
You – the mom who wakes up before everyone else so she’ll have enough time to empty the dishwasher, pack lunches, get ready for work, and get the kids to school without being late.<--- Some days it's a mad dash but we get there!
You – the mom who takes the garbage out and cleans the leaves out of the gutter and fixes the sprinklers when they’re not working.<--- Ok, this might not be me.  It's only my chore to take out the garbage when the kids aren't here.  And if something was wrong with the sprinkler I have so many great friends, neighbors, and of course my dad!
You – the mom who rakes the leaves and gets the oil changed in the car and runs to the grocery store at 9:00 at night so her kids will have milk.<--- But usually with the kids in tow because who is going to leave their kids alone at 9 at night?
You – the mom who stays up late helping with math problems and vocabulary words, even though she’s exhausted.<--- There might be some annoyance involved and a great deal of exasperation but we get all the projects and homework done!
You – the mom who cooks dinner and pulls everyone together for a meal, even though she’s the only adult at the table. <--- This is actually not that bad, especially if my sister comes over {although, she is my third child}
You – the mom who signs the school forms that come home in the backpack,
and who remembers when school pictures are due,
and who walks her kids door-to-door selling fundraising candy around the neighborhood for their sports teams.<--- I may not always remember when things are due until the last second but pictures get bought, fundraisers get sold, and folders are signed... and if I forget my mom works at the school and is always my backup!
You – the mom who goes to bed alone,
and who might get a little scared in a rainstorm,
but who never lets the kids see her fear. <--- This is semi-true,  I might have them come sleep with me so we can all be together!  Thank goodness for a king size bed!
You – the mom who carries the weight
and the responsibility
and the joy
of being a parent
with pride and determination
and perseverance.
You – the mom who is showing her kids how to be strong,
simply by being there for them,
simply by loving them,
simply by being a mom they know they can always count on.
You – the one who is making a difference
day by day,
hour by hour,
moment by moment,
second by second.
The single mom.
The good mom.

This was so sweet and much needed today!  I worry for my kids so much and I always wonder if I'm doing the right thing by them.  It's nice to be reassured every once in a while, even if it is from a stranger...


Jenni said...

Plus we all know that you have my hubby change the oil and brakes on your car. It is perfect because then I have another excuse to hang out with you.

Piter and Heidi said...

Good thing we are never truly alone...I wouldn't have made it otherwise...I also had an angel changing my oil and brakes...etc.... many of them in fact!!! You're doing awesome!

Jamie said...

Love this.

Mandie said...

YOU are amazing, and a wonderful example of a strong woman to your fabulous kiddos! I <3 you!

Lynn said...

Loved this. And PS, you rock!

daphne said...

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Anonymous said...

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