Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Did anyone see the version of Cat in the Hat with Mike Myers?  If so, then you get the title.  If not, then I seriously need you to watch it.  Yes, it's ridiculous. But also wicked funny!  Promise me you'll watch it OK?

I love cupcakes. 

So much so one day my dad came up to my work randomly and brought us a 6 pack of cupcakes.  Yep, just out of the blue.  Because he loves me.  {I think that's why.  He probably wanted me to bring J1 over so they could hang out!}

This store is adorable!

When I was in Pasadena earlier this year, I passed by this adorable cupcake place several times.  After the 4th time I went by I finally decided to go in.

And I wish I hadn't.  Their cupcakes are SINFUL! 

We tried some minis- including a maple bacon one that I bite into somewhat tepidly and was a freaking explosion of flavor in my mouth- and they were outstanding.  Seriously, I've had good cupcakes before.  Like the kind that you drive 45 minutes to Dallas for and pay for one what you could make 24 with... *ahem* Sprinkles.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

These were even better.  I'm not kidding. DROOL

To further prove my cupcake fascination to you, I will tell you- somewhat sheepishly- that I ordered a dozen cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake, of DC Cupcakes on TLC.  They were well packaged and I was impressed with that but they were not as good as these.  Sorry, they just weren't.  I wanted them to be!  Especially for the price of overnight shipping.

I just went to the Dots Facebook page and was a little stalkerish but it paid off because I saw that now have "Pot of Cupcake" which is a cupcake mini in a jar that you can have sent to you!  I will most definitely be finding out more about this. The one they show is the Fleur de Sel which was my favorite.  And if my friend Kathleen hadn't been there, I might have eaten about 10 of them.

What about you, do you love cupcakes?  What were the best cupcakes you ever ate?

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Jenni said...

I like cupcakes but not as slavishly as you apparently. When we were at National Harbor I saw a cupcake place but couldn't bring myself to spend that much money on one cupcake. Maybe one day we will go to Dallas together and you can show me what this love is all about.