Thursday, March 3, 2011


Don't say I didn't give you fair warning!

Target {have I mentioned loving this store before because I do!} is in full spring mode- from their spring decor, to the spring colored Oreos, to the spring clothes!  PLEASE only go in there prepared to part with your hard earned money.  :)

Because we know we have a penchant for going a little overboard when we visit, one of the new year's resolutions my mom, sister, and I made is to only go to Target {together} once a month.  It was bad last year.  If I'd had my Target debit card then I would have saved a LOT of money. 

Yesterday was the first day of the month, no thanks to my sister for pointing that out, so I promptly cancelled J1's cello lesson {I know, I know!} and off we went.  Well we went after I ran back home to get my pump but I digress... We met my mom and sister up there and proceeded to do our "lap".  We have a Super Target so we start in the food and work our way around the store.  If we don't walk our aisles the way we're supposed to we get all discombobulated {yeah, that's a word!} and inevitably someone forgets something they actually came for.  And I should mention that our "lap" does not make sense because we start with the food- perishables, people!- and end up in clothing.

I needed a few grocery type items so I grabbed them.  Then we passed the backpacks and J2 found some because hers had conveniently broken earlier in the day *sigh* and I would have preferred the cheaper one but settled for the more expensive one that will hopefully hold up better.  We got this one but in a blue/teal.
Product Image Trans by Jansport Supermax Backpack - Electric Purple
We made it safely passed electronics, toys, and movies/dvds/books, to move on to the clothing section.
This is where we started to have problems... first we come upon the men's section.  Oh yeah, we have to shop in the men's section because my 12 year old son is as tall as me.  *SIGH*  He sees this and has to have it {thanks Nana}

Product Image Licensed Domo Mocha Hthr Tee - M

Ok so not too bad.  Then we hit the women's section and all heck breaks loose!  J1 is playing on his nana's phone because he now has lost interest completely {who could blame the poor kid?}.  There are 4 women now perusing the racks and it's chaos.  Everyone is scattering around like ants saying "Oh, look at this!" and "What about this?" and "I NEED this!" And I did need this...

Product Image Merona® Women's Sleeveless Scoop Neck Dress - Green Clover  S
And this...

Product Image Xhilaration Blk Bndeau Shrd 1 Pc-Sprg Dt Swmdrs - L

And two plain shirts and a pair of capris.  YIKES!

Then we walk by the shoes and I don't see anything I like but J2 does!
Product Image Xhilaration Pewter Hettie Cutout Sandal - 4{Again, thanks nana!} Ok ok ok, so our frozen foods are starting to melt and my dad has probably called each of us wondering where we are {and we don't get the greatest reception in there hence the fact he has to try to call each of us, probably getting more annoyed/worried/angry with each call} so we need to hurry it up!  We start to go by the girls section and as J2 wanders off I spot a messenger bag type thing but one glance at my cart and I put it back {can I get a pat on the back?}.  I'm convinced by my dearest daughter that she absolutely NEEDS a new dress so in the cart this goes too...
Product Image Girls' Xhilaration® Black/White Striped Sleeveless Ruffle Dress L(10-12)Somehow as we're about to escape to the checkout lines we remember we've missed the whole middle of the store {think linens, home decor, etc} and we head that way.  As we're walking quickly through the aisles I see a bookshelf for $16 that we need so in the cart that goes too.  By the way, I use the term "in the cart" loosely because by this time there's no room "in" the cart it is draped across the top.  Was that you trying to get by me last night? Oops, sorry for being an aisle hogger.

Sooooo what should have been a $30 trip for some groceries to get me through the weekend ended up being a spree!  Considered yourselves warned...

It's spring at Target!!


Mormon Surrogate said...

You are too freaking cute! I love Target, especially for clothes on clearance.

rarejule said...

"Gotta hit the endcaps!!"

Great trip with you to Target... now I need to go find that cute dress you posted. tsk tsk. Enabler. ;)

Jenni said...

THanks for the warning. I will stay away as we currently have nothing extra for me to go overboard with. I can't wait until I graduate, pay off loans,make more money and ...can spend it in Target!