Saturday, March 26, 2011

Epic East Coast Adventure Spring Break 2011 {day six}

We all were ready to sleep in today but sadly there are those of us who have to get up to pump and those who get up so early everyday that their bodies won't let them sleep in that just wasn't the plan! Today was John's bday so we had a very special Irish breakfast {which is essentially like 10 different kinds of meat- and I was assured they were all pig but I'm still questioning that} and beans on toast.  What a great start to the day. 
We left and headed to find a post office.  I needed to mail postcards and the box for my blog swap partner- which didn't get mailed because I misplaced her address!  We finally got on the road about 1 I'd say and wouldn't you know it we were making good time but the GPS took us through the city which means we were stuck in Saturday traffic. 
Once we got through that we were almost to Carlo's Bakery!  You could seriously tell we were all super excited.  We parked a few blocks away and could see the canopy as we got closer.  But as we got closer we saw the line too.  Once we got to the door we could fully see the line and it was down the street and across the street.  They have an employee stationed outside making sure no one "cuts" where the line has to break.  We talked to a few people in the back part of the line and were told the minimum wait was 3 hours.  I think I mentioned before I hate lines?  Yeah, nothing has changed.  If it was an hour I might have said ok but 3?  No way.  So we decided to head back to the car.  On the way back we passed a Ben and Jerry's store so we popped in there to partake of their goodness.  And goodness it was!  I had the Coconut 7 layer bar ice cream which was delicious to the next level.  And wouldn't you know it, they only offer it in the stores :(
We got back to the car and headed to my grandma's house.  We were staying with my uncle and aunt and they were going out for the evening so we stopped by there first and got a key from them.  Then we headed over to my grandma's.  I love her so much!  We have a special bond because we share a birthday.  It's been a few years since the kids have seen her and they were all happy to see one another.  I had been to see her in October with my mom.  We had a nice chat for a bit and ate some dinner with her before we headed back to my uncle's house.  We played one game of Life (which we totally played wrong but it's been years since I played it!) and then crashed.

I'm not even sure what time my uncle and aunt got home but we didn't hear a thing because we were so tired!  No set plans for tomorrow!

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Jenni said...

The Ben and Jerry's part sounds fabulous but Ash and I would have camped in the Carlo's Bakery line for sure.