Saturday, March 26, 2011

Epic East Coast Adventure Spring Break 2011 {day seven}

We sort of slept in and had a leisurely morning.  Once both kiddos were up we headed to Cracker Barrel {I love that place so much}.  On the ride home J2 mentioned she really wanted to go to an aquarium and wouldn't you know it my aunt said she's been dying to go to the one near them... so off we went!

If you've been to one aquarium I think you've been to them all but it was something fun for everyone to do and there are always some pretty neat things to do.  Like touch sharks-

And stingrays-

We were going to go to this really cool restaurant based on a Canadian Lodge but when we got there it was closed! :( Darn economy.  We headed instead to Red Robin.  I mean really who doesn't like burgers?

On the way home we went by the cemetary where some of my dad's family is buried.  It was nice to see where they are and it seems like you always learn something you never paid attention to before.  We also had to make a trip to Halo Farm.  It's a cute shop in NJ and they sell pantry type items and really good juice and milk.  I went in looking for TastyKakes but I forget they don't have the lemon pies that my dad and I like so much.  I had to settle for these babies-

Once we got home it was time for another game of Life and then bed.  We're some tired folks!

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