Friday, March 11, 2011

Party like it's your birthday!

Guess what ya'll?  It's my mom's birthday! 

Unfortunately she has to work today so we won't be hanging out all day but we will be celebrating later by going out to eat. YUM!

I'd like to take a minute to recognize my mom for some of the ways she is so awesome..

~She is a great cook.  I might even venture to say FABULOUS.  There are some things that she makes that I crave all the time and they are only good when she makes them (like stroganoff)!

~She's also pretty proficient in listening.  I may or may not have a tendancy to ramble on but she lets me go on (and on and on and on...).

~She's nurturing.  EVEN though she loves her dog more than us somedays she still has enough love for all of us.  I think.

~She is my shopping buddy.  I've confessed my undying love for Target before and she shares it with me.  But even better sometimes when we need something that we can't get there she's willing to go with me to get it!  We've had some Saturday Walmart trips that would rival our Target trips like no other ;) And it doesn't even have to be for something exciting- we're happy just to go together and get bread, milk, etc.

~She's there.  It doesn't matter what- having a baby (mine or someone else's), getting a new house (she painted my living room before I moved in as a surprise to me), helping out with my kiddos, she's just there.

I love that as the years have gone on that my mom and I have become friends more than anything and I hope that one day when my daughter is older we'll have the same relationship!

I love you MOM!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your Momma! My mum is my shopping buddy to. Aren't they the best??

Jenni said...

Isn't it amazing the relationships we can have as adults with our parents that 15 years ago we might not have thought possible?!