Saturday, March 26, 2011

Epic East Coast Adventure Spring Break 2011 {day nine}

Today we're coming home!  We were definitely ready!

We got up at 5 because we had plenty to do before we got to the airport.  Loaded the suitcases up in the rental car {trying to enjoy every last second in that puppy!} and got all the milk loaded in the cooler ready to ship.  We made a pit stop at 7-11 to get some ice to put in the cooler.  Next stop Fedex.  Normally my dad goes with me because he gets a discount there.  However since he wasn't going to be with me this time I knew it was going to be full price.  Amazingly J1 mentioned something to the lady about this and somehow she looked up something and applied the discount to our order WOOT WOOT!

Next we were off to the airport but not before one last stop on the NJ turnpike-

I knew we needed to have time to drop off the car, get through security, and make it to our gate so I alloted a LOT of time.  I also figured we'd be in traffic too.  We made amazingly good time in RUSH HOUR no less and found a gas station to fill up the tank.  We dropped the car off and headed to the airport via the airtrain.

Now everyone who asked what airport we flew into made a face when I said Newark.  I mean I get that it's not the *most* desireable but it sure was the cheapest and it was just as close as PHL.  I had no complaints about the airport from when we arrived {in fact, kudos to them for the employees aplenty roaming around asking if we needed help}.  However, on the way back an employee stopped us before we got to the go through security and said we had to check one of our bags because the wheels extended too far out.  SAY WHA?!  I figured I'd show them who's who so we just went down to the next terminal.  Where we proceeded to wait in line until I realized that Newark is not like DFW and each terminal is self standing. Meaning we had to leave the line we were in and go back to the line for American.  And of course the same lady was there so we headed back to check the one piece of luggage that has never given me a problem before.  RUDE.

We checked our bag and headed back to security. We get to the head of the line, take out our bags of liquids, take off our shoes and jackets, place the laptop in a separate bin and proceed through.  And wouldn't you know it the guy tells me my necklace needs to come off.  It's a huge chunky necklace that is super fun but I figure since it's not metal or anything it's safe.  No go.  I place it in the bin and by this time they've scanned our bags and are asking who belongs to the orange backpack.  Um, that's me.  So she takes it aside and starts going through it.  Meanwhile I grab my necklace and the thing comes apart somehow and beads go all over the floor!  It was a cheap-ish necklace but still it was one of my favorites and I always get a lot of compliments on it.  I'm so annoyed by now I just shove what I can in my laptop bag.  The lady has pulled everything out of my bag and starts lecturing me about how I was supposed to take all big electronics out of my bag.  Um I don't consider the pump, gps, or power converter large so that's why I didn't.  Whatever!  She runs them back through the machine and gives them back to me to put back in the bag.  All this is of course while trying to stay out of everyone else's way. OH and did I forget to mention that while all this was happening J2 couldn't zip her boot over her jeans and asked for help.  Me being distracted and annoyed I told her I couldn't help her and that she needed to just wear her jeans over her pants.  What happens next? Of course the zipper breaks!  I guess that's what I deserve for not helping her :(
Thankfully because of my thinking ahead none of this has put us behind.  Actually, we end up with almost 3 hours to spare at the gate.  No problem for us we find an outlet that's kind of out of the way {so I can pump} and we camp out there.  I let the kids play around and act goofy so as to get some of their energy out and before we know it we're boarding the plane headed for home.

I have to say this was an amazing trip.  We covered all of New England, say friends in 5 states, and got to spend some time with my grandma {the whole actual purpose of the trip!}  I would love love love to do it again one day.  I am thankful for such amazing friends and family for letting us stay with them and making our trip one of the best ever.  We are so lucky!!


Julie {isCocoandCocoa} said...

Sounds like it was an awesome trip!! I would like to do more east coast trips.

Julie said...

How wonderful to go on a trip like that! Way to go on the planning ahead. Do you think that just because someone has the right to practically strip search you, it makes them feel they have the right to be grumpy and rude to EVERYONE? I'm sorry you had such a stressful few minutes there. So not what you needed, but glad you got to have this great trip.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Jordan for mentioning the discount! He definitely earned his seat this trip. Sorry about the necklace. Were you able to collect all of the beads? It can be re-strung.

I'm coming to you next! We all love you with every ounce of our being.