Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Epic East Coast Adventure Spring Break 2011 {day two}

Yesterday {Tuesday} was a good easy day!

We slept in for starters.  Well the kids slept in and I laid around and watched TV.  Free breakfast was only until 9:30 so you better believe I got the kids up in time to eat!  J1 thought he was too tired to eat but he had a pretzel roll w/sausage, egg, and cheese, cereal, toast, and OJ.  The egg white, asparagus, and cheese tortillas were pretty dang good I thought.

We took our time getting ready and headed out about 11.  We went back to visit Mr T and to pick up the box and cooler for me to reload with milk while I'm here and to give him this cute bib I bought {apparently I was too excited to see him on Monday and completely forgot and seeing as how it says "My First St Patricks Day" he needed it before Thursday *lol*}. 
So what if he was asleep and we had to wake him up?  The kids also got to feed him, which they loved.  His grandma stuffed us with more food before we left again to head to this place...

Oh yes, even on vacation we have to hit up the local Target!  In actuality since we're doing so much driving I really wanted to get some snacks and drinks so we weren't stopping all the time.  I also needed to get a birthday present for a special girl we will be seeing this weekend as well as some gifts for a spring swap I'm participating in- it's my first one and I'm really excited!  Plus my "swapee" is right here on the east coast and even went to school in Maine.  Hello, I already love her!

Spring Has Sprung Blog Swap

After we left Target we rushed to Worcester because I haven't seen Miss Wendy in a year!  We hung out with them for a while and the kiddos played then I got to meet her prince charming... and a charmer he is! 
I'm so happy for her that she is so happy, she most definitely deserves it!  We hung out a little after dinner before we left for...

The great state of Maine!  It was dark when we got here but I could still see how beautiful it was.  It's been almost 3 years since I've been here- and that's way too long!  Today I think our plans include seeing this:

and going to eat here:

I had a sandwich from here the last time we were here and it was divine.  I've been dying to get my hands on one ever since!  I hope it's as good as I remember :)

Tomorrow we'll be headed to Connecticut then to NY.  Here's to more adventures!


yourmorninglory said...

So excited for your trip adventures!!! i want to be in maine too now..maybe soon...Also i might have poped into our favorite store target for your swap gifts too :)...ohh and a bit jealous of that cozy hotel you had!
happy travels

Kathleen said...

So excited to see you guys tomorrow!!!!

Jenni said...

Next time can you put me in the glove box and take me with you??!

Rachel L said...

So funny that you were excited to stop at Amato's! I guess I take it for granted because you can find them all over the place...there's even one in the tiny town where I go to school!