Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Fabulousness

~Spending one on one time with my #1 guy today {even if it was just going to the ortho}... FABULOUS

~Going to the mall to return stuff and not spending any money {thank you gift cards!}... FABULOUS

~Realizing two weeks from today we'll be in NYC... FABULOUS

~New business opportunities {more on that soon!}... FABULOUS

Did anything FABULOUS happen to you today?

Please excuse my use of the word fabulous... I got caught up in watching an America's Next Top Model marathon today. Don't worry, I'm embarrassed for myself.


Ailinh Harris said...

FABULOUS list! And totally agree, gotta love those gift cards. And yes! Something fab did happen to me today... I got the house cleaned and kept it that way for a few hours. Kind of. But at least it's something right? :)

Lisa M said...

I got all the floors mopped and vacuumed even though I wanted to lay down all day. Great to be able to enjoy a clean home over the weekend. I love that you are going to NYC. I can't wait to see all the pictures!

Just Jennifer said...

Oh Ailinh, getting the house clean is the best. The only thing better is if it STAYS that way!