Wednesday, March 9, 2011


We've lived in our house for 5 years this year.  And in all that time we've never owned a lawn mower.  Never!

The first few years my next door neighbor did it and when he moved I had a lawn service guy come.  But when an accquaintance of mine recently got married, she and her husband had two of everything and she had a lawn mower and weed eater she wanted to get rid of I jumped at the chance! 

We picked them up last night and I'm actually kind of excited to mow for the first time.  I am *sure* that feeling won't last long, especially once the temperature starts going above 100, but for now I'm just happy to think of that first time I'll mow my lawn with my lawn mower!  {And now I know that my youth is gone- did I really just admit that owning a lawn mower is exciting? Jeesh!} 


Jenni said...

See what you failed to recognize is that your children are now at the prime age for learning all household chores. Mine paid for her Six Flags season pass by mowing our lawn all summer (hubby did the weed eating part). Now it is still her responsibility and part of how she earns the privelige of driving a car that I provide insurance for.
Just when the temps get terrible and the novelty of mowing your own lawn wears off, J1 can step in (whether he likes it or not!)

Lisa M said...

That was exactly how we felt when we bought ours in Keller. Now we want an edger and snow blower.