Sunday, February 27, 2011

What a decade

A lot of things have happened in this last decade.  There's too many to put in one little post but here's a few of the highlights.

~I have given birth to three kids- my own daughter and two adorable little boys via surrogacy.

~I have made numerous friends, lost a few, and kept those who have a rightful place in my life. 

~I bought a home completely on my own (I'm super proud of this!).  {Duh, this isn't my real house but a girl can dream right?}

~I became the first person in my family to graduate college. 
~I decided what I wanted to do when I grow up. 
~I grew up.  {OK, well that one's not really true but I'm working on it!}

But all these great-happy-sad things happened during these last 10 years without someone very important in my life.

This is my bubby and Jordan. It's one of my favorite pics of my brother.
My bubby.

10 years ago we lost him.  There are times when many days go by and I don't think about him and I hate it.  Then there are times when I see him everywhere- I see old friends of his or see him in my sister (they have the same hands, it's kind of freaky!)  I wonder what he would be like today.  I wonder how much my kids would love him... I mean it's a given that they would love him, no doubt, but I wonder if he would be close to them you know?  I wonder if he would still be charming the pants off of people with the deep blue pools of his eyes. The only solace I have is that I know he is with our Father in Heaven doing good work. 

I miss you bubby. I miss playing scratch your back shop.  I miss making you and Rerin do everything for me.  I miss making pallets on the floor in my room on Christmas Eve and trying to go to sleep and then waking up early and trying to sneak downstairs to check out what we got.  I miss seeing you in your jeans- no matter how hot it was outside.  I miss your awful taste in music.  I just miss you.

Today hug your brother if you can.  Or call him and tell him you love him.  Or maybe more appropriately in today's world, text him.  Just be thankful for what you have.


Kristen Duke Photography said...

this was sweet. sorry for your loss...

Jenni said...

My favorite memories of bubby are when we all worked at Subway together.