Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Home Tour Tuesday

Ok so this is a little late in the day but I worked a full day today people (more on that later)!  One of the things I'm most excited about with blogging is linking up to all these fun "days" that people host.  Shannon, over at Webbisodes, is the fabulous lady who designed my blog.  She and Daphne at Flip Flops and Pearls host this link up every week.  Fun times.  This week the Home Tour Tuesday is Whatcha Watchin'- show us your TV or family room. 

Home Tour Tuesday

Well seeing as how I may or may not still have a huge Christmas tree box (which works great as a stand for my pump!) and several random straggler decorations in the corner of my living room I will only share a picture of our awesome TV :)

{Feel free to excuse the jumble of cords and random DVR box that's so huge it won't fit underneath. *sigh*}

We were so thankful to Chris and Oliver for the incredible Christmas present of a 50" flat screen TV.  I mean really who sends someone a TV for Christmas? 

And here's a few shots of what's on my DVR.

{Oh I forgot to watch my Vampire Diaries from last week. I'm in LOVE with Damon!}

I started watching Grey's from the beginning (stupid Netflix on Wii, I may never watch my DVR again!) so I have a lot of stuff on my DVR.  Don't judge the fact that I have Toddler's and Tiaras on there... J2 and I watch it together so we'll call it bonding ok?

On to my day, today I was a sub in a Kinder class.  No problem.  It was my first day subbing a class other than the special ed room and it was my first full day of subbing.   I typically make a "milk run" on Monday's but it couldn't be done yesterday so it had to be done today but with me working all day and J1 having a cello lesson after school there wasn't going to be time.  So thankfully my wonderful dad (thank you daddy!) agreed to take it for me. 

I had to get everything ready before school so I was up at 6 to pump, get the cooler packed to ship, get the labels ready, get the pump and accesories ready, pack my lunch (you know take the Lean Cuisine out of the freezer and put it in the bag), get myself presentable, and head to get the dry ice to pack in the cooler.  I had enough time to do all this and stop by Sonic to get a drink on the way to school (with a pit stop to drop the cooler at my dad's) and when I got to school I realized I left the bottles at home!  The pump was with me but with no horns and bottles it's no good.  So I had to wait until my lunch break to rush home and get it.  Keep in mind this was 5 1/2 hours after my last pumping so I was about to burst and channeling some Dolly Parton!  Thankfully I live fairly close to the school and was able to take care of business just as the kids were coming in from recess. PHEW!  Alls well that ends well right?

This evening we made some plans for our "Epic Spring Break 2011" and I can't wait to share more details with you all!

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Jenni said...

I remember when we worked at the one place together just after J2 was born and you were trying to find empty conference rooms on your break to go pump.